Only Mrs Kejriwal may convince Kejriwal to bring AAP under RTI, says a volunteer

A volunteer of AAP writes an open letter to Mrs Kejriwal


A deeply hurt volunteer of AAP has finally got some courage and wrote a letter to Mrs Kejriwal to convince her husband to bring “AAP” under the RTI scanner.

It’s not a strange that why a student volunteer from Odisha has written a letter to Mrs Kejriwal as she is the only one who can better tell her husband to bring the AAP under the act for which her husband had fought a long battle.

Why he has written a letter to Mrs Kejriwal? Volunteer explained

Why the volunteer has written to Mrs Kejriwal? The volunteer explained that earlier, the AAP government especially Kejriwal has written to the wives of Bollywood actors to refrain their husbands for performing in the advertisements of Tobacco.

The volunteer in his letter mentioned, “Recently the Government of NCT of Delhi headed by your husband has been writing letters to the wives of celebrated Bollywood actors like Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Govinda requesting them to encourage their husbands to not endorse tobacco products as these contain cancer causing agents. So, it gave me an idea to write to you so that you could tell him better.”

He is not the same Kejriwal, he has changed, said Volunteer

The volunteer has written that when he had heard about Kejriwal he had some home that the man would eliminate the corruption from the society. However, nothing has been done so far my AAP supremo. The volunteer has pointed out the funding of the party from abroad and he even written that Kejriwal his stance on RTI and completely changed. The volunteer accused her husband’s government for giving the reply of his RTI applications, He wrote, “I do not believe that he is the same Arvind Kejriwal who with the help of RTIs fought in the ghettos of Delhi for the rights of the marginalized and now his office stonewalls my RTI petitions.” The volunteer urged the wife of the Delhi Chief Minister to convince her husband to bring “AAP” under the RTI scanner so that the AAP could prove its transparency in front of the public.