AAP leaders commented on Punjab budget without knowing it


Anti-farmers AAP party always look for headlines in media

The leaders of AAP in Punjab always look for a chance to comment on the rival parties to get themselves in the limelight. AAP supremo has given the supreme lesson to its Punjab leader for hunting the headlines.

Punjab AAP leaders always follow the footsteps of Kejriwal as they always started giving their statements in media on rivals whenever something happens in the state.
This time the leaders of AAP had launched their attack on Punjab budget and termed it as anti-farmer. However, they forgot that AAP government in Delhi has betrayed with the farmers of national capital on crop damage compensation.

Moreover, the AAP had shown its cheap stunt when a farmer was instigated by Kejriwal to commit suicide in his rally.

Without knowing the budget provisions, AAP leaders commented on it


Right after the budget speech by Finance Minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa, the leaders of AAP Punjab had started commented on the budget without knowing the provisions. Like their top boss, they acted immediately on the budget and termed as anti-farmer. However, the foolish leaders have not properly studied the budget document and in haste they made statement to impress the people. The provisions of the budget would be an eye opener for AAP leaders.

Positive points of Punjab budget for farmers

  • Interest free crop loan of Rs 50000 per crop to small and marginal farmers having land up to 5 acres sanctioned in the budget.
  • Allocation of insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh in case of death or the disability of head of the family. Moreover, the family will be entitled to free medical facility up to 50,000 per year to approximately Rs 11 lakh.
  • Green signal for the Farmers Provident Fund cum Pension scheme to provide for secure and stable income to the farmers.
  • Abolished VAT on raw honey and bee keeping equipment which currently attract tax rate of 6.05 per cent. Pig feed is exempted from VAT to encourage diversification.
  • To showcase the innovative initiatives of farmers in these subsidiary occupations, and to motivate others to emulate them suitable awards shall be instituted.