AAP leaders lost their direction on SYL issue


Kejriwal-Phoolka differ their views on SYL row

It seems the AAP leadership has completely lost the direction on SYL issue. The recent statement by the senior Supreme Court lawyer and AAP leader H S Phoolka has reflected that the party is full of the misguided missiles.

AAP leaders are giving their statements on the SYL issue which had sparked the ire against the ruling Delhi government by the legislators of Haryana. Even the Haryana assembly had passed the resolution against Kejriwal for his statement on SYL issue in which he had backed Punjab.

After Kejriwal, HS Phoolka commented on the issue to get mileage


Earlier, Kejriwal had deliberately commented on the issue without considering the consequences. Later, he had changed the statement also. Following the footsteps of his boss, the AAP leader H S Phoolka has now given his silly comments on SYL issue.

The misguided leader has blamed the centre government for the water crisis in Punjab. Though Phoolka blamed the Congress government for architecting the crisis but he has not commented on Congress whole heartedly. As per the information, the AAP is hand in glove with Congress and that’s why Phoolka not uttered the Congress name loudly.

He has come up with the comments that the Union government can resolve the issue of water. Phoolka held a press conference and gave his comments on the issue. It was just a political stunt of the lawyer to get fame in news. He tried to use the art of his boss to make his name in the headlines.

Kejriwal and Phoolka on the opposite tracks

The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal was the first leader from the party who had given his comments on SYL issue. In his statement, Kejriwal had backed Punjab and said that Punjab had no spare water for Haryana.

Later, Kejriwal changed his statement and said that water should be given to everyone. After Kejriwal, another AAP leader Phoolka commented on the issue but they both are differ on SYL. The lawyer raised a different question on SYL which is entirely baseless. It seems the both leaders have lost their tuning and working as misguided missiles.





AAP leaders commented on Punjab budget without knowing it


Anti-farmers AAP party always look for headlines in media

The leaders of AAP in Punjab always look for a chance to comment on the rival parties to get themselves in the limelight. AAP supremo has given the supreme lesson to its Punjab leader for hunting the headlines.

Punjab AAP leaders always follow the footsteps of Kejriwal as they always started giving their statements in media on rivals whenever something happens in the state.
This time the leaders of AAP had launched their attack on Punjab budget and termed it as anti-farmer. However, they forgot that AAP government in Delhi has betrayed with the farmers of national capital on crop damage compensation.

Moreover, the AAP had shown its cheap stunt when a farmer was instigated by Kejriwal to commit suicide in his rally.

Without knowing the budget provisions, AAP leaders commented on it


Right after the budget speech by Finance Minister Parminder Singh Dhindsa, the leaders of AAP Punjab had started commented on the budget without knowing the provisions. Like their top boss, they acted immediately on the budget and termed as anti-farmer. However, the foolish leaders have not properly studied the budget document and in haste they made statement to impress the people. The provisions of the budget would be an eye opener for AAP leaders.

Positive points of Punjab budget for farmers

  • Interest free crop loan of Rs 50000 per crop to small and marginal farmers having land up to 5 acres sanctioned in the budget.
  • Allocation of insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh in case of death or the disability of head of the family. Moreover, the family will be entitled to free medical facility up to 50,000 per year to approximately Rs 11 lakh.
  • Green signal for the Farmers Provident Fund cum Pension scheme to provide for secure and stable income to the farmers.
  • Abolished VAT on raw honey and bee keeping equipment which currently attract tax rate of 6.05 per cent. Pig feed is exempted from VAT to encourage diversification.
  • To showcase the innovative initiatives of farmers in these subsidiary occupations, and to motivate others to emulate them suitable awards shall be instituted.





AAP wooing Dalit voters in Punjab

“In the run-up to Punjab assembly polls Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is leaving no stone unturned to woo as many voters as possible. Dalit voters constituent 32% of the electorate in the state, which is highest in the country. Seeing huge opportunity, AAP is going all out to garner dalit sympathy.”

Unable to garner any sort of public support, AAP is relying heavily on dalit voters. It must be noted that in Doaba region of Punjab, Dalit constituent over 40% of the voters. In the latest move, Arvind Kejriwal led party decided to woo the Dalit voters in Punjab and Kejriwal is visiting the state second time in a fortnight with this dubious intention. It is pertinent to mention here that the party has already formed a SC/ST wing to focus on marginalized community.

 Vote bank politics

AAP has gone all out to play vote bank politics. It must be noted that the party, which had always criticized other parties for appeasement of a particular vote bank, is itself indulging heavily into it.

During Lok Sabha polls the party tried wooing Muslim voters and its convener Arvind Kejriwal was witnessed wearing a skull cap while visiting Muslim dominated areas.

Eye on Dera vote bank

There are many small and big Deras (religious conglomerate) in Punjab, which enjoy massive support base especially from marginalized community from socio-economic downtrodden society. Kejriwal has handpicked three largest deras in the state, which enjoy huge follower base.

Besides Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Kejriwal is also visiting the dera of Balbir Singh Seechewal at Seechewal village in Jalandhar district and Baba Pargat Nath of Valmik Yog Ashram at Rahimpur village here.

Kejriwal will kick off his dalit trip in the state from Gurdwara Bunga Sahib along the banks of the Sutlej river, where he will meet the family of Kanshi Ram.

 It must be noted that Kejriwal rose to the power with the claims of offering clean and alternative politics. But in stark contrast to their claims, AAP is busy playing divisive role of indulging in vote bank politics.

Why AAP targeting NDA ruling states? AAP targeting NDA ruling states but not touching states under UPA


When the AAP supremo had launched the party in the country, it was told by Arvind Kejriwal that the party would present a unique model in Indian politics. Moreover, the muffler man had promised the public that the party would not act like other parties.

However, in a span of three years of its existence and one year in the regime at Delhi, the party is being exposed in front of the public for its pro Congress approach.

Why AAP targeting NDA ruling states only?  

kkk 1

It’s a big question in front of the AAP’s national convener Kejriwal that why the party has been targeting those states ruled by NDA only? Why the party has not been touching the states of UPA allies? It’s all because of the pro Congress approach of AAP.

The AAP leaders are deliberately saying that people are fed up with BJP and they even don’t want Congress regime. They always talk on the basis of assumptions not on the reality. But whenever the word Congress comes, the AAP leaders stopped themselves to talk further. Ashutosh, the senior leader of AAP said, “They (people of Goa) neither want to continue with the present government nor they have any love for Congress either. They are looking for an alternative. A clean, honest, performing government, which can make Goa corruption-free.”

The party has also started preparing for Punjab where SAD-BJP alliance is ruling. The recent move of the party to contest assembly polls in Goa in 2017 revealed the dark face of the party that party would only target NDA ruling states. The states having UPA alliances like Uttar Pradesh which is much bigger than Goa and Punjab is not being targeted by AAP. The answer is that Kejriwal is the agent of Congress and he would only target the UPA enemies.

Soft corner for Congress

When the first time the party won 28 seats in Delhi, the party formed the government with the support of Congress. Earlier, the muffler man was boasting that he would put the then Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dixit behind bars as he had a proof of 300 pages against her. However, the muffler man took u turn on the statement and started asking BJP for the proof.  I have not seen the Chief Minister of Delhi criticising the Congress leaders or the states having the UPA alliance.





Suspended “AAP MP” revolts against AAP

aap MP 2

“AAP had bagged four seats in Lok Sabha from Punjab only. Despite that the party’s two MP’s were suspended by AAP leadership. The suspended MP Dharamvir Gandhi raised questions on party’s selection for the candidates for assembly elections.”

The AAP Member Parliament, Dharamvir Gandhi has raised questions over the selection procedure of the candidates for the assembly elections in 2017.

Gandhi who had defeated the former Union Minister and wife of Capt Amrinder Singh, Preneet Kaur from Patiala constituency said that the party has forgotten its own rules.

The suspended MP lambasted at the senior leadership of AAP for side lined the party’s principles. Gandhi told that the in charge of AAP Punjab, Sanjay Singh has made a statement that the party’s volunteers would not play any important role in ticket allocation procedure.

AAP volunteers oppose the move of the party

The statement of Sanjay Singh has demoralised the party workers and the volunteers who have worked hard for the party. On anonymity basis, a volunteer told that the party’s senior leadership had earlier announced to not participate in by polls. The non-participation in the by polls demoralised them as they were prepared for the democratic procedure which could show the power of the party. However, at that time party senior leadership refrained to participate. And now the party has decided to take the decision of allocation of tickets without consulting the volunteers.

Gandhi up in arms against AAP Delhi leaders


Dharamvir Gandhi alleged that the AAP Delhi leaders are interfering in the matters of AAP Punjab. Earlier, the Punjab leaders were confident that the party would definitely give the powers to the AAP Punjab leaders but Gandhi told that the leaders did not allow the Punjab leadership to take any decision. The entire Punjab unit is controlled by AAP Delhi leadership. Gandhi further told that when the AAP supremo was touring in the state, he did not bother to contact the suspended MP’s. The suspended MP told that the party has welcomed the sidelined leaders of other parties. The induction of former Congress leader Sukhpal Khaira and other SAD leaders has shown that the party has forgotten its own rules and regulations.

If party has no respect for its own leaders then how come the party would think about the volunteers? Gandhi had earlier announced that the AAP supremo should talk to them or dismiss them but Kejriwal did not say anything against his party’s MP.











This time sedition case against Arvind Kejriwal

kejri 2

Finally, people have started raising their voices against the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal for his anti-national activities. After facing so many criminal cases, this time Kejriwal has been facing the case of sedition at Hyderabad.

A group of lawyers at Hyderabad raised their voice against Kejriwal for his full support of the students involved in JNU incident.

Kejri 1

A sedition case was lodged against Kejriwal in Hyderabad on Sunday, deepening a row over alleged anti-national speeches at Delhi’s JNU that has seen violent protests and fractious Parliament sittings in recent days.

A first information report (FIR) was registered at Saroornagar police station at Hyderabad on the directions of a magistrate, who was urged to book the nine people by a group of lawyers.

The court passed the orders for the FIR on a complaint by Janardhan Goud and two other lawyers, who moved the court after police refused to register the case.

They alleged that anti-India slogans were raised during a protest organised at JNU on Feb 9 against hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

Kejriwal violated the constitution, says Petitioners

According to the petitioners, the Chief Minister of Delhi has violated the constitution of this country by supporting anti-national.

In the petition, the petitioners said that they have every right to question those who are indulging in “anti-national activities and also those who are encouraging anti-nationals in the name of solidarity for those who are facing criminal charges under section 124(A) of IPC.

 Kejriwal had fanned the anti-national spirit in Punjab also


Before visiting Punjab, Kejriwal had directed his party leaders to paste the posters of Bhindranwale pictures. The poster carried the picture of Kejriwal and other AAP leaders along with the militant Bhindranwale. The party had requested the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of the militant. A resident of Moga had filed a criminal case against him in Ludhiana courts for fanning flame of communalism to divide Hindu and Sikhs.



AAP Khalistani nexus exposed

“From Sabat Khalsa ‘Jathedar’ Baljit Singh Daduwal to Simranjit Singh Mann who leads SAD (A) and who is also known for his pro Khalistani ideology, various Khalistani extremist from across the globe are supporting are joining Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and are joining the party.”


Sikh preacher and hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal had come out in full Public support of AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and wished to honor him publicly. His wish might not have fulfilled in wake of his arrest in sedition charges but there is no dearth of support to AAP from the ranks of extremist background.

Latest to join the bandwagon is SAD (A) chief Simranjit Singh Mann who is known for his pro Khalistani ideology and has always been in vociferous in raising the demand of separate state. Mann made a statement at a village Khusropur with journalists that his party would join hands with AAP in 2017 assembly polls.

 Sarbat Khalsa

At the recent ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ movement held on 10 November 2015, resolutions were passed that included the demand for a separate Sikh nation. What is believed to be a religious congregation, Sarbat Khalsa turned out to be Khalistani stage later and all the prominent AAP leaders including Kejriwal were witnessed endorsing the views.

It is pertinent that Punjab police had arrested Simranjit Singh Mann along with three other radical Sikh leaders – Harbir Singh, Mohkam Singh and Gurdeep Singh post Sarbat Khalsa movement. And, now majority of the Sikh hardliners have joined AAP and rest of them are supporting party ideology.

Radical Support

What began as supporting Khalistani ideologue has turned into a dangerous contour with many Sikh hardliners joining the party and AAP getting huge funding from Sikh separatists from across the globe.

Controversial Aam Aadmi Party is leaving no stone unturned to make its mark in forthcoming assembly polls in Punjab and it not even shying away from garnering support of Sikh hardliners. But peace-loving Punjabis will not let any outsider to disrupt peace & harmony of the state and AAP will have to pay a price for their misdeeds.