Rabbi Shegill, the Sufi singer exposed AAP

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Urged Punjabis’ to ask questions on promises fulfilled by AAP

In a recent statement, the prominent musician and Sufi singer Rabbi Shergill has commented against the AAP and its head Arvind Kejriwal. In 2013, the celebrity had openly supported the party and attended the rallies prior to the maiden elections of Delhi assembly.

However, the singer has now changed his views and expressed his ire against the AAP ruling regime and its head Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi has not become Singapore or Hongkong in AAP’s regime

Giving his expert comments for AAP ruling regime of Delhi, Shergill has told that AAP has done nothing in Delhi and moreover, the promises made by the party could be checked properly. The party has not solved the problems in the city.

Appealed the Punjabis’ to not believe Kejriwal’s slogans in Punjab


The furious singer and the former AAP supporter, Shergill has requested the people of Punjab to not believe the slogans of Delhi’s AAP in Punjab if the slogans of Kejriwal would not save Punjabis’.

He politely appealed the Punjabis’ if they want to make another Delhi in Punjab, and then it’s not a solution.

Urge Punjabis’ to question Kejriwal about his work done for Delhi

 Rabbi Shergill has requested the people of Punjab to first question the AAP supremo and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal that what he has done for Delhi. People should ask him the questions about his major work done for the public welfare.

Kejriwal is recovering the money spent on elections from his ad budget

He has lambasted on the Kejriwal that why he is spending crores on advertisement. What is the need to give advertisements? He commented that the AAP supremo had spent a lot of money on elections and now the party has been recovering the money through the ad budget. Shergill added that the government made on the advertisements cannot solve the problems of people.

Punjabis’ would have to think beyond the advertising

The singer commented that the Punjabis’ will have to think beyond the advertising if they want to bring change in Punjab. He also urged the people of Punjab to first send a citizen committee to inspect the list of promises fulfilled by AAP and its head. He boldly said that the committee would come to know about the entire truth after the inspection. But, the committee members should be the citizens of Punjab not from the advertising agency. If Punjabis’ would not decide to make change, change would not come from heaven.