Disgruntled Chhotepur now starts revealing Kejriwal’s anti-Sikh face


The expelled and disgruntled former AAP Punjab Convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur has started speaking against Kejriwal and made the shocking revelations of AAP supremo depicting his anti-Sikh mentality.
Earlier, Chhotepur was silent as he was holding the post of Punjab convener and when he was removed from the post he made some revelations against Kejriwal.
He said that the AAP supremo Kejriwal has no respect for the supreme Sikh body Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the AAP head termed the decisions of the supreme body as kiddish.

Chhotepur told that when Kejriwal visited the Golden temple and after performing sewa, Kejriwal told him that why he made the statement that he had not seen the poster of the youth manifesto cover page carrying the picture of the broom. Chhotepur told that he actually did not see the cover page actually but Kejriwal scolded him for speaking the truth.

The former AAP convener further said that he told Kejriwal that it would not fair to tell a lie to the supreme Sikh body and otherwise he would face serious consequences. However, Arvind Kejriwal told Chhotepur that he should not be bothered about the childish decisions of Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Why Chhotepur was silent when he had heard such thing from Kejriwal? Being a Sikh, he could have spoken against Kejriwal for making such disgusting remark on Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Later, Chhotepur told that Kejriwal knew about Mann that the Sangrur MP was a drunkard. But, he told him that the party would have to bear him because he was a crowd puller. Kejriwal had told Gandhi to keep quiet when he brought the Mann’s alcoholism to his notice.

Chhotepur admitted that Mann had attended a religious ceremony in the influence of liquor. The former AAP Punjab convener has been starting speaking against his former boss.

When Chhotepur himself landed in trouble, he exposed his boss. Eventually, the both leaders Chhotepur and Kejriwal have shown their ugly face to the Punjabis and everything is crystal clear about the anti-Sikh agenda of AAP.


Eviction Of Chhotepur Threatens To Cause A Major Divide In The Party

As on Wednesday, 21 members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), including members of Parliament Bhagwant Mann and Sadhu Singh demanded to sack AAP convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur, who has been accused of taking bribe for assigning constituencies to party candidates for the assembly elections to be held early next year.

As Aap party members chorus for his removal through a written letter to the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, there are those who came in support of his removal as well thus causing  major tiff in the party.

Dr Manjit Singh Randhawa, a member of the Political Review Committee, has come out in support of Chhotepur, accusing Kejriwal of succumbing to the pressure from a coterie in the party and ignoring the ground realities. He alleged that the party was not run on democratic values. Giving an example of the autocratic way of running of the party, he said not a single meeting of the Political Review Committee had been called so far. Randhawa is likely to accompany Chhotepur, as he believes him to be an honest politician, to the latter’s press conference tomorrow.


The party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC) is likely to meet at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence tomorrow to take a final call on his removal. Meanwhile, Chhotepur, spent the day preparing for a show of strength and to give his side of story to his volunteers. After his show of strength, he would be addressing the media in Chandigarh tomorrow.

“We will win all 117 seats”, says Sanjay Singh

“Politicians have a tendency to make tall claims with an aim to project themselves as the best. Ahead of elections, all political parties make claim of winning the poll battle but AAP’s projections seems to go beyond sky. Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh is shouting aloud of winning all the assembly seats in Punjab. Perhaps they have got a magical wand!”


 Elections in Punjab are scheduled for early next year and dates are yet to be announced. But state convener of Aam Aadmi Party has already announced the results. He has not only echoed the voice of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal of winning the elections but has gone ahead by claiming to grab entire 117 seats in Punjab.

No strong leadership but all CM faces

AAP is suffering from severe leadership crisis. Apart from Arvind Kejriwal, there is no credible leader in the party. In the absence of strong leadership in party, all the major leaders are trying to overpower each other in a tussle to be on the top. Leave aside fighting elections, AAP leaders are fighting a fierce battle amongst themselves to reach at the top.

Although few leaders have already hinted of Arvind Kejriwal taking the leadership position in state but at the moment all the prominent leaders of AAP are nurturing the aspiration of becoming the chief minister of state.

Conflicting views

Conflicting views are witnessed on crucial matters affecting the state. It is noteworthy that on the recent development of SYL, (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal) the state leaders of AAP took a conflicting stand from that of central leadership. While Arvind Kejriwal took a Haryana centric approach and even filed an affidavit in Supreme Court endorsing Haryana government’s stand, state leaders on other hand spoke in favour of Punjab.

AAP poses a bigger threat than Congress

“People of Punjab are well aware of Congress’ dubious contentions against the state and Sikh community in particular. But in a hurry to make huge electoral gain, the rookie party AAP seems to be posing a bigger threat to the state.”


Punjab has always been a peaceful & progressive state and hardworking people of state have always toiled hard working towards progress of state. But, from the beginning of 80s, unrest was slowly creeping in the state shattering the social fabric. Congress had always milked the situation for its bigger political gains.

In current context, when peace & sovereignty has restored in state and Punjab is all set to usher a big leap into a progressive world, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is posing even threat by trying to disrupt peace for electoral gains.

AAP’s Khalistani nexus


AAP can stoop low to any extent for its own vested interests. It doesn’t even shy away from siding with anti national elements for its electoral gains. Sikh extremist group had been vanished from state towards the end of 80s but now slowly some of the splinter groups are reviving. AAP is now siding with many Sikh hardliners and it is no news that many Sikh radicals are either joining AAP or are endorsing the party ideology.

Sikh preacher and hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal had extended his full support to AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and wished to honor him publicly. Later SAD (A) chief Simranjit Singh Mann who is known for his pro Khalistani ideology, made it clear to contents assembly polls in Punjab jointly with AAP.

AAP may attempt to disrupt peace in state for its own political interests but peace-loving Punjabis will not let any outsider to disrupt peace & harmony of the state.

AAP double speaks on SYL canal issue

“The sad chronicle of outsiders coming to Punjab to offer fake sympathies with an eye on elections and then going back to betray the state within hours continues. Leaving its people bleeding, Arvind Kejriwal has betrayed Punjab for his own vested interests.”


Arvind Kejriwal’s double standard on SYL issue stands exposed; he is now running for cover. Known for his fickle minded approach on crucial issues, Arvind Kejriwal could never make up his mind on contentious & emotive issue of river waters sharing between Punjab and neighboring states. Eyeing assembly elections in Punjab scheduled for early next, he first took a stand in favour of Punjab but realizing repercussion in his home state Haryana and after affect in Delhi, Kejriwal retracted from his stand.

Deceives both Delhi & Punjab

Arvind Kejriwal might have begun his political spell with a promise of offering clean & alternative politics but his hunger for power has reduced him to a political opportunist, always trying to milk the vote bank.


On the contentious issue of SYL, AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal has allegedly deceived the people of both Delhi and Punjab. He first gave a statement in favour of SYL in Punjab and then sided with Haryana by supporting the demand of SYL construction and even went on to file an affidavit through the counsel appointed by Delhi government.

Facing public ire, Kejriwal ran for cover and used public counsel as scapegoat and stated that concerned government officials were consulted before filing the affidavit and the counsel acted on his own.

 Conflicting views of AAP leaders

 While Kejriwal kept changing his colors like a chameleon on SYL issue, AAP leaders from Punjab took a conflicting stand on the issue and Bhagwant Mann even went on to make a emotive statement by stating that ‘his blood would rather flow in canal’

AAP shielding terrorist, Hafiz Saeed


Pathankot protest was carried out to create obstacle in investigations

The anti-national ideology of AAP has come out in front of the public as the party is not even anti-nation but it is a supporter of anti-national elements and Pakistani terrorists.

AAP protested in Pathankot to crease hurdles in the investigations

The protest of AAP leaders in Pathakot during the investigating team of Pakistan was an eye wash to misguide the Punjabis’. It was a planned trick designed by AAP supremo to create problems in the investigations. Arvind Kejriwal receiving foreign funding and the anti-national elements are supporting AAP.

Kejriwal wanted to shield the master mind of Pathankot air base attack, Hafiz Saeed. The reason behind the move is the foreign funding which the party is receiving from different parts of Europe and US. The terrorist outfits are behind the funding and that’s why Kejriwal directed the Punjab leaders to carry the protest during the investigations so that the investigation could be halted.

AAP supported the Sarbat Khalsa congregation

The Sarbat Khalsa congregation was openly supported by AAP Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur. Even the resolutions passed in the Sarbhat Khalsa were backed up by AAP Punjab leaders. The party leaders had even urged the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of the slain militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

AAP supported JNU students who shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan

The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP national convenor had openly supported the students of JNU who had shouted slogans in favour of Pakistan and observed the death anniversary of the hanged militant Afzal Guru.

Kejriwal had met Imran Khan and Pak cleric Qadri

 Arvind Kejriwal had met Imran Khan in Delhi and even he had a clandestine meeting with the Pak cleric Muhammad Qadri. The both Pakistani’s are famous to spoil the political atmosphere in Pakistan. Kejriwal had tweeted that he discussed politics with Imran Khan but what type of politics he had discussed.

Kejriwal Daydreaming about ruling Punjab

“Instead of camping in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal should focus on Delhi, whose dream have been shattered in wake of unfulfilled promises and migovernance.”


Arvind Kejriwal has been nurturing the dream of winning the upcoming elections scheduled for early next year. Leaving no stone unturned, AAP is going all out to garner sympathy of voters of Punjab. Earlier, Kejriwal took the entire Delhi electorate for a ride by promising moon but not delivering any of pre-poll promises after coming to power.

Chasing any elusive dream


Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal is “chasing an illusive dream of ruling” the Punjab state instead of serving Delhiites whose woes are mounting up in wake of misgovernance by AAP led Delhi government. Kejriwal is trying to “sell false dreams” in Punjab instead of standing with the people of Delhi and try to address their pressing problems.

 Anarchy in Delhi

AAP has reduced to one-man army and party chief Arvind Kejriwal has created in created anarchy in the party. Much against the party’s core principle of honesty, transparency and democratization, the party is working in complexly autocratic style.

Kejriwal follows the policy of “hit-and-run” and he hits an issue but runs away after being asked to offer the solution.

Public memory is not as short as perhaps Arvind Kejriwal thinks and people neither forgive nor forget. So he should better beware against taking them for granted as they can throw him out anytime. The situation is building fast towards that end as AAP government has failed badly and they failed to live up to the expectations of Delhi voters.