Khaira, AAP spokesperson – A ‘Headline Hunter’ with tyrannical style

“In sync with its image, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appointed fiery Sukhpal Khaira as party spokesperson for Punjab unit, who has a reputation of firing baseless salvos at opposition parties to grab headlines.”


Sukhpal Khaira is a headline hunter, who has a tendency to divulge himself into ridiculous levels of despotism. He has always indulges in mud slinging with an intension to defame other and get some cheap publicity but in that process, he ends up getting his own linen dirty.

An ideal find by AAP

It must be noted that Aam Aadmi Party has always indulged in blame-game and goes to any extent to grab eyeballs. In this context, they have found the ideal candidate in Khaira for Punjab unit.

Known for abrasive style of functioning, Khaira faced worst political crisis when he was forced to quit Congress and joined AAP, which has off late become a junkyard of disgruntled political leaders from across political parties. All the rebel political leaders and those failed to find a position in the parent political party find refuge in AAP. Interestingly AAP, which is a platform for all dissenters, they get prominent position after joining the party. Testimony to the point, is the fact that Sukhpal Khaira was appointed spokesperson of the Punjab unity of the party.

Publicity lover


His love for publicity is well-known fact. Indulging in all sorts of means, he has managed to create his own fan following on social media. From uploading pictures to making videos, he does everything that ensures the he is always in the news.

Factionalism led Aam Aadmi Party, which has been battling a credibility and leadership crisis in the state; Khaira’s induction will further deepen the fissures in state unit of the party.

AAP leaders lost their direction on SYL issue


Kejriwal-Phoolka differ their views on SYL row

It seems the AAP leadership has completely lost the direction on SYL issue. The recent statement by the senior Supreme Court lawyer and AAP leader H S Phoolka has reflected that the party is full of the misguided missiles.

AAP leaders are giving their statements on the SYL issue which had sparked the ire against the ruling Delhi government by the legislators of Haryana. Even the Haryana assembly had passed the resolution against Kejriwal for his statement on SYL issue in which he had backed Punjab.

After Kejriwal, HS Phoolka commented on the issue to get mileage


Earlier, Kejriwal had deliberately commented on the issue without considering the consequences. Later, he had changed the statement also. Following the footsteps of his boss, the AAP leader H S Phoolka has now given his silly comments on SYL issue.

The misguided leader has blamed the centre government for the water crisis in Punjab. Though Phoolka blamed the Congress government for architecting the crisis but he has not commented on Congress whole heartedly. As per the information, the AAP is hand in glove with Congress and that’s why Phoolka not uttered the Congress name loudly.

He has come up with the comments that the Union government can resolve the issue of water. Phoolka held a press conference and gave his comments on the issue. It was just a political stunt of the lawyer to get fame in news. He tried to use the art of his boss to make his name in the headlines.

Kejriwal and Phoolka on the opposite tracks

The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal was the first leader from the party who had given his comments on SYL issue. In his statement, Kejriwal had backed Punjab and said that Punjab had no spare water for Haryana.

Later, Kejriwal changed his statement and said that water should be given to everyone. After Kejriwal, another AAP leader Phoolka commented on the issue but they both are differ on SYL. The lawyer raised a different question on SYL which is entirely baseless. It seems the both leaders have lost their tuning and working as misguided missiles.



Kejriwal’s U-turn on SYL

“Living upto dubious distinction awarded to Arvind Kejriwal, he has displayed yet again U-turn. After taking firm stand on contentious & emotive issue of river water sharing between Punjab & Haryana, he has tried to smug over the issue by stating that there should be no politics over the issue.”


 Coveting votes in the upcoming assembly polls in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party had joined in with the political parties who wanted to score political points agreed over more than three decades-old agreements to share water with Haryana. Even though the matter is sub judicious in the Supreme Court, in an open defiance of apex court political parties are busy in mud slinging and blame-game.

Controversy never refuses to dies down

The Sutlej-Yamuna canal is nearly 85% complete after decades in the making.  More than 700 crores have been spent on it and this was also termed as the trigger for eruption of militancy in the state, which lasted fro close to two decades.


Kejriwal retracted on the issue

Kejriwal is leaving no stone unturned in the upcoming high stake assembly polls in Punjab. After taking a cautious approach, Kejriwal went up against Haryana in the vicious battle of river water sharing between Punjab & Haryana. Projected himself as savior of Punjab’s interests.

Infuriated by Mr Kejriwal’s jutting into the dispute, Haryana was up in arms against Kejriwal and fearing Public outrage on the issue, Kejriwal retracted on the issue with an aim to suppress on ongoing controversy.

Haryana expressed its resentment over Delhi government and asked it build its own canal. It must be noted that last month, in midst of Jaat agitation, Haryana saw a major canal being seized and damaged; Delhi was left without water; and the army was called in to restore water supply by freeing the canal.

This time sedition case against Arvind Kejriwal

kejri 2

Finally, people have started raising their voices against the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal for his anti-national activities. After facing so many criminal cases, this time Kejriwal has been facing the case of sedition at Hyderabad.

A group of lawyers at Hyderabad raised their voice against Kejriwal for his full support of the students involved in JNU incident.

Kejri 1

A sedition case was lodged against Kejriwal in Hyderabad on Sunday, deepening a row over alleged anti-national speeches at Delhi’s JNU that has seen violent protests and fractious Parliament sittings in recent days.

A first information report (FIR) was registered at Saroornagar police station at Hyderabad on the directions of a magistrate, who was urged to book the nine people by a group of lawyers.

The court passed the orders for the FIR on a complaint by Janardhan Goud and two other lawyers, who moved the court after police refused to register the case.

They alleged that anti-India slogans were raised during a protest organised at JNU on Feb 9 against hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

Kejriwal violated the constitution, says Petitioners

According to the petitioners, the Chief Minister of Delhi has violated the constitution of this country by supporting anti-national.

In the petition, the petitioners said that they have every right to question those who are indulging in “anti-national activities and also those who are encouraging anti-nationals in the name of solidarity for those who are facing criminal charges under section 124(A) of IPC.

 Kejriwal had fanned the anti-national spirit in Punjab also


Before visiting Punjab, Kejriwal had directed his party leaders to paste the posters of Bhindranwale pictures. The poster carried the picture of Kejriwal and other AAP leaders along with the militant Bhindranwale. The party had requested the people of Punjab to celebrate the birth anniversary of the militant. A resident of Moga had filed a criminal case against him in Ludhiana courts for fanning flame of communalism to divide Hindu and Sikhs.



Around the Punjab in five days

“Kejriwal on one hand proclaims that he knows Punjab better than any other politicians of the state, on other side, goes on a five-day visit to understand Punjab. His well orchestrated event might have grabbed headlines but wide spread protest across the state has made it clear that it was noting but a sham.”    


The so called congenial liar, Arvind Kejriwal surely knows the knack of confusing people with his tactics. All his statements during Punjab visit were full of contradictions.

He went on proclaim that he knew Punjab better than anyone else then and at the same time he made a claim to visit each and every village of Punjab. Finally he planned a short five-day visit to state, which was also not completed as he had cancelled his visit to Patiala district.

Five-day picnic at taxpayer’s money

Kejriwal is spending the hard-earned money of Delhiites on self-glorification in Punjab.

He has mastered the art of hogging limelight and can stoop to any extent to gain brownie points. ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ anything counts to him and Kejriwal knows how to remain in news. Rhetoric, theatrics, tall claims & promises marred his latest Punjab visit.

Leaving aside his earlier contradiction of knowing Punjab on fingertips, it is not possible to visit only a vast & diverse state like Punjab in five days. Capable of achieving miracle, Kejriwal would perhaps achieve the impossible with his magical prowess. Overconfidence of Kejriwal only speaks volume of his arrogance of a man who is born out of sheer ignorance.

Wide spread protest across state

It is pertinent here that Arvind Kejriwal’s five day visit to Punjab, faced protest wherever he visited. Black flags and ‘Go Back Kejriwal’ posters were seen across the state ahead of his visit. Showing mirror to his misdeeds, posters highlighting his failures and unfilled promises in Delhi were put by people of Punjab ahead of his visit.



Phoolka needs 100 years to bring justice to Sikhs

The Supreme Court lawyer, H S Phoolka who has been fighting the 1984 Sikh carnage cases in the court still needs 100 more years to bring justice to the riot victim families as he did not bring the case to any conclusion yet.

Phoolka did his Law degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 1981 and moved to Delhi. When the opportunist Phoolka witnessed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, he had found his way to gain fame.


He had shifted to Chandigarh after the carnage but immediately went back to Delhi for fighting the cases against the accused Congress leaders. He had started his fight in 1984 and still he is fighting but he failed to bring justice to the victims despite after 31 years.

After the brutal killings of Sikhs, the victims approached the courts and as per the information, 442 rioters were convicted by the courts and 49 were awarded the life imprisonment. Even in 2013, five people were convicted by Karkardooma district court.


When Phoolka have ample of evidences and proofs against the culprit Jagdish Tytler then why he failed to bring the case to the end? Phoolka deliberately linger on the cases and now it’s been 31 years and the victims are still waiting for the culprits to be punished.

The former Petroleum Secretary, Avtar Singh Gill in an interview to Caravan magazine had revealed that a close friend of Arun Nehru told Gill that the lists of Sikh voters had been prepared and Nehru was controlling the PM office at that time.

Despite the big statement of Gill, Phoolka did not fight the case with heart and spirit because he is only befooling the Sikhs to gain the publicity.

Phoolka joined “Aam Admi Party” as he has seen a new platform to get himself a public figure. He fought the Lok Sabha elections from Ludhiana but did not make it. When he saw the ire of Sikhs who started blaming him to do something for them and punish the culprit Tytler, Phoolka played a stunt and announced that he resigned from AAP.


The resignation of Phoolka was merely a stunt only as he told his supporters to create a Facebook page mentioned, “ HS Phoolka as Punjab’s CM.”Phoolka has followed the footsteps of his boss Arvind Kejriwal who has mastered the art of taking u turns.

A Sikh scholar on anonymity basis told that Phoolka has been fighting the case since the beginning of his career. He got the fame and publicity because of this case only. In the country’s history, there are so many cases which came to the conclusion with in a time frame but this case is still going on. Phoolka has done nothing for the Sikhs but he used the sentiments of the victims to get the glory.

AK safeguards Jagdish Tytler

Chief Minister of Delhi has been witnessed safeguarding Jagdish Tytler, who was involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case. The incident took place in the aftermath of the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi’s assassination, where unarmed citizens of India – Sardar Thakur Singh, Badal Singh and Gurcharan Singh along with 3,000 Sikh families were killed.

1984 anti-Sikh riots were the result of targeted, one-sided attacks on Sikhs by mobs, which was operated with certain amount of planning and precision. Only the Sikh homes were targeted, as if the mobs at that time carried the voter list in their hands. Open display of arms and fuel was witnessed during the riots, which was not possible without backing of police. Even after the violence came to an end; police refused to register FIRs.

Kejriwal Hugs Tytler

k j

What’s most shocking is that Aam Aadmi Party’s National convener Arvind Kejriwal has been witnessed hugging the offender Tytler, the mastermind behind the 1984 carnage, in the recent past. “An innocent person like Tytler cannot be falsely implicated merely on the basis of charged sentiments and to satisfy the ego of some elements”, said Kejriwal.

Accusations against Tytler


Jagdish Tytler was accused of number of cases which included murder, rioting, damaging a place to worship with intent to insult the Sikh religion as well as mischief by fire.

After that unlawful incident which took place on 1st November 1984, Tytler had in the form of bribe to the key eye-witness, had sent “heavy amount”. Not only this, he had send eye-witness’s son Narinder Singh to Canada, which was visualized by Kejriwal as a “sheer coincidence”.

“The allegations against Tytler are entirely fictitious and fallacious”, Kejriwal adds.

Something suspicious about the functioning of Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party came to light when the files related to ’84 Sikh riots were found missing. Was there a conspiracy of the AAP government to save Jagdish Tytler?