AAP loses its publicity in Punjab

With the massive win Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in Khadoor Sahib Assembly seat; it has been proved that there is “No Wave” at all, in favor of AAP.


What is Politics?

Politics is the bustle through which people make, preserve and sometimes modify the general rules under which they live and political parties exercise huge influence on public discourses. Political parties are style gurus of politics and their opposition to policies affects almost all state actions. Social life and economics of the state can get paralyzed by their agitations on real as well as manufactured issues.

AAP ran away from Punjab

It was during the parliamentary elections 2014, when Punjab gave the new-born party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), its electoral debut in the Lok Sabha with four seats. AAP who at that time, had failed to put up a fight to the main contenders, has now once again left the battlefield deserted before the fight started. This has put a big question mark on the political future of AAP in Punjab. Will AAP survive in Punjab till 2017 Assembly elections?


People of Delhi are now fed up from daily dose of ‘bandh’ or ‘dharna’ or ‘rasta roko’ by Kejriwal-led AAP, with handful of its corrupt leaders with a Party banner and any squander slogan on their lips. AAP, in Delhi, has not shown any shame in attentively cultivating and recruiting known criminals, corrupt leaders and charlatans as well as loud scoundrels. Soft spoken and non-corrupt leaders have been thrown out of AAP, which showcased Kejriwal’s dominance.

Punjab on AAP’s wish list since 2014


A big victory in the Punjab assembly has been on AAP’s wish list since 2014 but now it is clear that even AAP convener Kejriwal have failed to create an impact on people of Punjab, after they ran away from by-poll elections.

Besides, Ravinder Singh Brahampura, there were rebel leaders of AAP (Sumel Singh Sidhu) and Congress (Bhupinder Singh Bittu) who were expelled from their respective parties and Sukhdev Singh, Harjit Singh and Anantjit Singh Sandhu who fought by-poll elections.

AAP who has not been able to put up united face in Punjab attacked SAD leaders through their statement, “The ground is slipping from under the SAD’s feet, as AAP is coming to Punjab”, now one should ask AAP that if they were so sure of their win then why they did not contested this election.

Political Impression | Why not even a single conviction even after 3 decades Mr.Phoolka?

Like William Shakespeare’s Hamlet whose tragedy was the result of a tragic flaw in his ‘procrastination’ and like Ravana, who failed his entire empire because of his fondness for Sita, the Supreme Court lawyer and AAP leader H.S.Phoolka has proved to be a flop lawyer as he has failed to secure punishment to accused of 1984 Delhi riots Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler.


After all how do you describe failure or success? Sikhs have been waiting to get justice for over 31 long years and yet there is no trace of justice. It is a clear case of failure of a senior lawyer who completely failed to get justice resulting in conviction of even one accused. What to speak of conviction of even person, the case is far from reaching any logical conclusion even after 31 years when many family members of victims of 1984 have left this world after an endless and futile wait.

 HS-PhoolkaIt is sad that H.S. Phoolka had failed to get even one of the so main accused in the 1984 genocide of Sikhs convicted despite having a carte blanche from the Sikh community to plead their cases for the past 31 years. The question arises as to what Phoolka had been doing all these years. Agreed that legal system works slow but not that slow Mr. Phoolka! There are no takers for such justification.

Instead of owning your own folly, you are now trying to politicise the tragedy on the orders of Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal and your party leadership in Punjab in view of forthcoming elections in the state.  Your concern now appears totally political with no time left for legal battle in the hon’ble Courts to get justice.


Mr. Phoolka as a senior lawyer and now in your capacity as a political leader and an activist of Aam Aadmi Party, you owe an explanation to Sikhs the world over why have you belied the hopes of 1984 riot victims? What all have you done in these 31 years to espouse their cases? Will not your joining a political party whose record in Delhi is dubious, go against the interests of Sikh community? What are your plans to assuage the hurt feelings of Sikhs and what assurance do we expect from you for the hurt psyche of Sikhs and victims of 1984 brutal genocide.

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Political Impression | Phooka believes in giving bytes to media outside courts

Senior lawyer turned Aam Aadm Party leader, H.S. Phoolka has all these years gained notoriety for positioning himself outside Courts where cases of 1984 riot victims are being heard to gain popularity at the cost of victims. The cases may not have reached any logical conclusion but one can find Phoolka giving bytes to media persons outside courts.

 Phoolka’s modus operandi


It is time Phoolka should tell the Sikh community whether he had pleaded the cases of the victims as a social cause or charged fee indirectly for the same.  In case of Phoolka, the modus operandi has been most ingenuous, to not to charge anything directly but through his juniors. This has been continuing for years together. Only when it dawned on the victims that you and your junior lawyers were unsuccessful in getting even one of the main accused prosecuted that they began pursuing the cases themselves.

DSGMC pursuing cases now

In some cases the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee itself pursued the cases. In one such case, the DSGMC had recently pursued the case against Congress leader Jadish Tytler vigorously. The victim Lakhwinder Kaur had appealed against the clean chit given by the Central Bureau of Investigation to Jagdish Tytler. The case involved the burning of the Pulbangash gurdwara. In another case involving Congress leader Sajjan Kumar one of the victims Sheela Kaur, whose case was being fought by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee that had approached the High Court claiming her statement against the Congress leader had been wrongly recorded by a lower court. It is not only confined to two such cases but a number of victims of 1984 were contemplating to move courts on their own in future. The reason is simple that they have lost faith in you, in your junior advocates and in the system.

Phoolka-the publicity monger


While victims approaching the courts directly and pleading through other lawyers, had received some degree of success, the track record of cases pleaded by you and your so called junior lawyers is abysmally zero. However, to give the impression that you are fighting the cases of all the victims of 1984 riots, you invariably position yourself outside the prominent courts hearing all such cases to give sound bytes to television channels and your version to print media. Does your job involve only gaining publicity through various television channels and newspapers using the piling cases as an alibi for this.

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