AAP’s “Irregular” And “Unjustified” Expenses Go Against The “Basic Financial Tenets Of Public Expenditure

The chief minister yet again hit the headlines with a fresh round of controversy, wherein he has allegedly reported to have used annual budget of Delhi campaigns for Goa and Punjab’s campaign. With 1.5 crore allotted as Delhi campaign budget already been used by Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party.

This won’t be the first time when Delhi’s self proclaimed messiah skinned of the hard-earned cash of Delhiites to further on splurge it on a nationwide advertisement blitzkrieg. The reports have given ammunition to opposition parties, questioning the working strategy of AAP. Some of them even calling it a “misuse of the money of honest tax-payers of Delhi”.

“While Delhiites are suffering for basic necessities like water and electricity, the party is using the public fund for its political gains in several states.”

The rebel MLA of AAP, Devendra Sherawat also commented on the controversy and said “The Delhi CM has not taken any department in the government. This means he is full-time indulged to do politics outside Delhi.”

Further Calling it “unacceptable” to use money of Delhi for party’s campaign, he said “Delhi CM is neither fulfilling requirements of Delhi, nor he is doing justice outside.”

Following the treading controversy there have been many roumors taking rounds of Aam Aadmi Party is in a major tax trouble. The Income Tax Department has found that the records, pertaining to the funds that the party claimed as donations on its website, that were submitted to the Election Commission do not match with the list put up on the party’s website.

To save face to say the least, the party has deleted the information from its website.

AAP Candidate Gets A Restraining Order For Allegedly Stalking Canadian Woman


Another one under the radar, Dev Mann, aap’s, SC/ST cell candidate for 2017’s Punjab assembly candidate is allegedly accused of stalking a Canada-based woman for making advances towards her following which she had to get a restraining order issued against him.

Speaking to a news channel, the woman, who hails from Pakistan, alleged that she met Mann at an event in Canada a few years ago and he sought a work-related appointment with her. However, when they met, she claimed, Mann made advances towards her. She said she escaped unharmed, but Mann continued to stalk her by repeatedly making phone calls.

Mann, who is contesting from Nabha and is the Punjab-in-charge of party’s SC/ST cell, however, rubbished the allegations and claiming that the woman had made the statement on directions by the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). He further on added that he has been visiting Canada since 2000 and was working there on a work permit since 2006, but never faced any such allegation during his stay there.

However, after being announced AAP candidate for Punjab assembly elections, he became a target of SAD. Mann’s delusional self blamed two Canada-based Indians, Yash Sharma and Jassi Jasraj, of defaming him on SAD directions. “The overwhelming response that AAP is getting in Punjab has forced SAD and Congress to spread rumors about AAP workers and leaders. The Dalit voter has shifted to AAP in Punjab. I am being tarfetted because I am the head of AAP’s SC/ST cell. Allegations like this will be repeated in future as well, but I will not bow down. I will continue my work,” Mann added.

Over the recent times, it has become a usual norm for AAP leaders to victimize themselves whilst accusing their opponents, apparently everyone’s out to get them and tarnish them however, with each case coming forward the game is getting too old for public eye.

Kejriwal, the master of U-turns


If an award created for maximum U-turn turn taker in the world, the award will definitely go to the AAP national convener and Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who did not leave any stone unturned for taking u-turns.

Arvind Kejriwal’s name hit the headlines when he was in the team of Anna Hazare during the movement India Against Corruption at Jantar Mantar. The movement stressed on the successful implementation of Jan Lok Pal Bill. Anna Hazare had cleared his vision that he would continue his agitation but Kejriwal who echoed Anna’s word later changed his mind and stated that the participatory politics was the only solution for the implementation of the bill.

The first u-turn started when he gave the idea of floating a politics outfit for the participatory politics. Anna disbanded the movement and finally Kejriwal formed his party and became the supremo of new outfit Aam Aadmi Party.

After forming the party, he told that he had no aspirations to contest elections and becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi. He even contested the elections and took oath as Chief Minister of Delhi. After the maiden assembly elections, the AAP supremo told that the party would not take the support of any party for forming the government in Delhi but the party took the support of Congress and formed the government in Delhi.

In 2014, the Chief Minister of Delhi told that he was not interested in contesting the general elections but he contested the election from Varanasi against Narendra Modi.

Earlier, Kejriwal had ample evidence against the then chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit. When he took the reins of Delhi as Chief Minister he remained silent and did not take any actions against the former CM Sheila Dixit.

The AAP supremo in a span of three years has taken so many u-turns. He is touring in Punjab and now he told that he will stay in Punjab. Earlier, he told that he would not leave Delhi but he left Delhi and the public in the lurch and working hard to attain his political ambition in Punjab.

AAP still playing cheap stunt to woo Navjot Sidhu


The Aam Aadmi Party has been trying to please the cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and still hoping that one day the former BJP MP would join the party.

Navjot Singh Sidhu lambasted at AAP party leaders and Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday during his press conference while announcing his own platform at Chandigarh. Sidhu said that the AAP Punjab was run by three people and what does AAP has to offer him as he won Lok Sabha elections and resigned from Rajya Sabha MP. So, there was no chance to ask anything from a newborn party AAP. He termed Kejriwal a dictator.

When AAP party leaders heard the Sidhu’s statement they reacted but they played cheap politics to please the former BJP MP. The AAP party in charge of Punjab, Sanjay Singh in an interview said that the deal was not finalised but the party’s doors for Sidhu would remain open always if he would think about to join AAP.

The AAP party has been passing through a tough phase as people are not happy with Arvind Kejriwal. The AAP supremo Kejriwal did not get support from the Punjabis as people protested against him at Ludhiana railway station when he reached Punjab.

Effigies of Kejriwal are burnt in Punjab and that is the major reason of Sanjay Singh who made a statement in favour of Sidhu so that a prominent Punjabi Jatt Sikh face could lead the party in the assembly polls as the party has already sacked the former AAP Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur.

Earlier, Kejriwal had written on his twitter account that Sidhu wanted to get some time to think but in Chandigarh, he lambasted at AAP supremo and stated that Kejriwal has nothing to offer him.

When the news of speculations of Sidhu’s joining AAP hit the headlines, a wave of happiness was seen in the AAP party cadre. But when the news of Sidhu’s not joining AAP spread in Punjab, the party workers got demoralised. Even the Chhotepur’s removal had also made a jolt to AAP in Punjab.

The AAP has divided into groups because of the resentment with AAP Delhi leaders so now Sanjay Singh played a political stunt to please Sidhu as people want a Jatt Sikh face in AAP.

AAP Aspirants Pays Off Sexually Exploited Help To Save AAP Observer

Two days after AAP MLA Devender Sehrawat alleged that some AAP leaders in Punjab were sexually exploiting women in return for tickets to fight Assembly polls, a group of party volunteers from Barnala have alleged that a party Observer, Vijay Chauhan, “sexually exploited” his domestic help and “hushed up the matter by paying her Rs 1 lakh.”

AAP Barnala youth circle wing president Ravinder Singh Dhillon, its grievances committee in-charge Ishar Singh Fauji and volunteer Makhan Singh Namol released an audio clip Tuesday in which a ticket aspirant from Dhuri, Rajwant Singh Ghulli, was purportedly trying to convince a woman not to press rape charges against party Observer Vijay Chauhan.

In the clip, a woman’s voice was heard alleging that her “honour was compromised” and a male voice (allegedly Ghulli) was telling her “not to spoil his chances.” The volunteers alleged that the woman was later “paid off and sent to Amritsar.”

Ravinder Singh Dhillon told mediapersons that the woman was “sexually exploited” by Chauhan. He claimed the audio clip had been sent to senior party leaders but no action was taken. “She (the victim) is now in Amritsar… We don’t know her exact whereabouts. The conversation in the clip was recorded when she was talking to Ghulli over the phone when the incident came to light in June. She had given us the audio clip then. We have been seeking justice for her since then but no avail.”

However, Sanjay Singh has completely denied the claims saying, this was the first time he was hearing about the alleged incident. He refused to comment further on the matter, saying he was yet to hear the contents of the said audio tape. He added that strict action would be taken if the allegations were true.

On the other hand, Ghulli admitted that it was his voice in the tape but claimed that the woman and her husband were playing into the hands of certain elements who had “vested interests.”

A day after Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) Punjab observer Vijay Chauhan was accused of sexually exploiting his domestic help, Punjab Irrigation Minister and senior Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Sharanjit Singh Dhillon on Wednesday alleged that AAP people are not ordinary, and you will come to know gradually that they have links with such an agency, which is working to disintegrate the country, while demanding immediate investigation into the matter.

“AAP is involved in many scandals, every morning people in Punjab wake up to new scandal indulging AAP. Aam Aadmi Party people are not ordinary people. Gradually, you will find their links with an agency, which is working to disintegrate the country. That is why the AAP members make videos of Lok Sabha and try to leak secret information,” he added.

Laughter show starts in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi is new convener


The AAP party in Punjab heading towards its doomsday as the party appointed Gurpreet Ghuggi, a comedian and satirist as new AAP Punjab convener. A novice in Punjab politics Ghuggi would hold the reins of the party as convener.

The seriousness of AAP for Punjab seems to be lost as the party has appointed a satirist as Punjab Convener. When the party was in a dire need of a serious politician, the AAP national convener appointed a comedian who is a newborn baby in Punjab politics.

After comedian-turned-parliamentarian Bhagwant Mann, who is the party’s campaign committee chairman for the 2017 Punjab Assembly polls, Ghuggi will be the second comedian to bag a top post in AAP Punjab.

Ghuggi one had announced that he would never join politics as he is an artist and nothing to do with politics. However, after giving his statement to not join politics, Ghuggi had taken the u-turn and joined the AAP party in February 2016.

A person who was never serious about politics and suddenly he made it to politics now elevated to the post of AAP Punjab convener. Politics is a platform to serve the people and only a politician who is well aware of the problems and issues of his respective area can serve the people.

Unfortunately, the AAP party has appointed a comedian who can only make the people laugh by his satires. It would be a hard nut to crack for Ghuggi as politics is not a bed of roses.

Kejriwal has played a stunt by appointing a beginner as convener as he thought that Ghuggi’s elevation in AAP Punjab would bolster the party in assembly polls.

According to experts, the AAP party has so many other faces who could have been appointed as Punjab convener. Earlier, Chhotepur had revealed that he told so many times about the Bhagwant Mann’s alcoholism but Kejriwal told him that the party should bear him as he is a crowd puller.

The major reason of Ghuggi’s appointment as convener is that he can also pull the crowds with his satires but politics is entirely different from comedy.

Disgruntled Chhotepur now starts revealing Kejriwal’s anti-Sikh face


The expelled and disgruntled former AAP Punjab Convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur has started speaking against Kejriwal and made the shocking revelations of AAP supremo depicting his anti-Sikh mentality.
Earlier, Chhotepur was silent as he was holding the post of Punjab convener and when he was removed from the post he made some revelations against Kejriwal.
He said that the AAP supremo Kejriwal has no respect for the supreme Sikh body Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the AAP head termed the decisions of the supreme body as kiddish.

Chhotepur told that when Kejriwal visited the Golden temple and after performing sewa, Kejriwal told him that why he made the statement that he had not seen the poster of the youth manifesto cover page carrying the picture of the broom. Chhotepur told that he actually did not see the cover page actually but Kejriwal scolded him for speaking the truth.

The former AAP convener further said that he told Kejriwal that it would not fair to tell a lie to the supreme Sikh body and otherwise he would face serious consequences. However, Arvind Kejriwal told Chhotepur that he should not be bothered about the childish decisions of Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Why Chhotepur was silent when he had heard such thing from Kejriwal? Being a Sikh, he could have spoken against Kejriwal for making such disgusting remark on Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Later, Chhotepur told that Kejriwal knew about Mann that the Sangrur MP was a drunkard. But, he told him that the party would have to bear him because he was a crowd puller. Kejriwal had told Gandhi to keep quiet when he brought the Mann’s alcoholism to his notice.

Chhotepur admitted that Mann had attended a religious ceremony in the influence of liquor. The former AAP Punjab convener has been starting speaking against his former boss.

When Chhotepur himself landed in trouble, he exposed his boss. Eventually, the both leaders Chhotepur and Kejriwal have shown their ugly face to the Punjabis and everything is crystal clear about the anti-Sikh agenda of AAP.