Delhi people disappointed with anti-democratic AAP government

“Delhi gave a huge mandate to Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) but now after one year of its government, people are asking questions about development and promises made in the pre-poll stage.”


Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, AAP not only made false claims and tall promises to score political points but also played with poor & hapless marginalized community in particular. It must be noted that socio-economically neglected strata of society played an instrumental role in reigning Aam Aadmi Party with the power of Delhi government. But the actions of the AAP government in Delhi in last one year suggest it is anti-democratic.

Anti-democratic AAP government

Aam Aadmi Party came to the fore with the promise of offering transparency, honesty and democratization but all these proved lip service, only till the government formation. As soon as it took charge of the Delhi government, it started functioning in completely autocratic manner. In Delhi, the domination of the government machinery by Arvind Kejriwal is near complete. It starts from the top, the cabinet ministers and tickles down to the ground level.

Frustrated citizens of Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi voters ahead of assembly polls but delivered nothing. AAP talked about corruption free governance and had promised to usher an era of alternative politics but instead it has gone against its own founding principles.

Arvind Kejriwal talked about austerity and professed about leading a normal life. But in contrast to its claims, AAP government was marked with 400% salary hike of its legislatures and glorification of its governance by spending massive Rs. 526 on advertising.

People of Delhi had high hopes from Arvind Kejriwal and were expecting AAP to change the rules of politics. But completely ignoring the grass-root issues of the masses, it became the part of the game.

Leaving Khatakar Kalan, AAP campaigns at ‘Deras’ of Punjab

“AAP always talked about bringing out a ‘revolution’ and associated their style of politics with Bhagat Singh’s ideology. But, leaving Khatakar Kalan, AAP has been regularly camping at ‘deras’ to gain on vote bank politics.”


The foundation of the AAP’s brand of politics was rooted in the ideology of Bhagat Singh, or that is what the party tried hard to project. No wonder much of AAP’s politics and campaigns were centered on Khatkar Kalan (Bhagat Singh’s ancestral village) for the past many years. But, ironically this year on ‘Martyr’s Day’ (March 23, when Bhagat Singh was hanged to death in 1931), none of the AAP leaders paid a visit to Khatakar Kalan.

Succumbing to Dera Politics

AAP has been nurturing the dream of winning Punjab polls since general elections in 2014. Now, ahead of polls they are leaving no stone unturned to make an impression. With lack of political base or leadership in state, AAP has realized that they won’t be able to any headway in state. In this scenario, they are now trying to milk the huge vote bank of various ‘deras’ of Punjab.

It must be noted here that last visit of AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal’s last dinner was centered around various ‘deras’ of Punjab.

Much hyped campaign launch at Khatkar Kalan

On March 23, 2015, AAP launched it over hyped, ‘Punjab against Corruption’ campaign. The campaign was launched by national executive member Naveen Jaihind at Khatkar Kalan, followed by a rally in Jalandhar. The rally proved only eyewash, which failed to make any noise. AAP seem to have appropriated the ideology of Bhagat Singh for their own vested interests but failed to make a mark.

While Kejriwal completely skipped Khatkar Kalan on his recent two visits to the state, on top of that, his visits to the ‘deras’ sent signals of the AAP’s tilt to ‘dera’ and caste-based politics.

Kejriwal played political stunt by using Bhagat Singh’s name


He says AAP govt working towards fulfilling the dream of Martyr

Everything is face in politics for the Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal as he always en cash the situations for political gains.

On the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, the AAP supremo unveiled the busts of freedom fighters in the premises of Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Even he claimed that his government has been working towards fulfilling Bhagat Singh’s dream of freedom.

Mr Keriwal, Britons left India in 1947

Bhagat Singh had fought for country’s freedom and he sacrificed his life for the nation. In 1947, the country attained independence and in 1950, the constitution of India came into effect. He talked non sense by using the great martyr’s name and played cheap publicity stunt.

The speech of Kejriwal seemed to have been made with an eye on the poll-bound state of Punjab. He has made the statement to please the people of Punjab as he is preparing for the assembly elections of Punjab next year.

A part of the speech by foolish Kejriwal mentioned the imperialism word. India attained freedom in 1947. He said in his speech, “Bhagat Singhji had said that freedom will not come only from driving the British out of the country, it will come when imperialism, poverty comes to an end and farmers and laborers live happily.”

Kejriwal only discussed Punjab in his speech

 He said that the AAP government in Delhi was trying to turn Singh’s dream into reality. He also pointed out that families of farmers committing suicide in Punjab had got no relief. “When crops of farmers are destroyed, the Delhi government does not sit with its head in its hands. The Delhi chief minister goes on visits from one village to another. And when crops were destroyed last year, the Delhi government paid the highest ever compensation of Rs 20,000 per acre. Farmers work tirelessly to grow their crops so we can feed ourselves. When farmers face difficulties, it is the government’s duty to help them out. That is what Bhagat Singhji was martyred for,” he said.

Kejriwal mislead the people in his speech

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal misled the people in his speech. He boasted of his promises which were not delivered by AAP. Majority of his speech was based on Punjab and he was talking about Punjab issues only. He said his government did a lot for farmers but reality speaks something different as AAP government has not issued the compensation amounts to the farmers for their crop damage. He tried to dupe the people by making wrong statement.



Fissures between AAP deepens further

“Fissures in the faction led Aam Aadmi Party has deepened further with suspended AAP MP from Fatehgarh Sahib, Harinder Singh Khalsa raising serious questions over leadership abilities of Arvind Kejriwal.”


 Aam Aadmi Party since beginning has been in news for all the wrong reasons. While on one hand the party is claiming to secure at least 100 seats in the upcoming Punjab polls, on the other side, internal feud & factionalism has marred the functioning of state unit. With lack of orientation and leadership posing serious question on future of party, all state leaders want to be the future CM.

Voice of Dissent with the Party

After Patiala MP, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, other suspended MP Harinder Singh Khalsa has come out in public to express his anguish over functioning of party high command. It must be noted that the two MPs in question were suspended for accusing central leadership of enforcing excessive control over state affairs.

After Dr. Gandhi, Khalsa had gone on record to criticize AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal. Describing Kejriwal as no leader in Punjab, Khalsa said, “Let him roam around from one place to another in Punjab, but he will not get any votes”

Digging his own grave

Kejriwal is digging his own grave by dictatorship style of functioning. One after another, party leaders are rising up in arms against him. The autocratic style functioning of the party can be understood by the fact that the party’s MPs were not even allowed to appoint their staff members.

 Factionalism and internal feud within the party never refuses to die down and there is no end to conflicting issues. The key differentiators like the concepts of ‘swaraj’, honesty, transparency etc., as included in the party’s charter were gradually lost in the race to power.

AAP’s pro-farmer agenda, a political farce

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) covener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is a self-proclaimed messiah of poor & downtrodden people. But in reality, all his moves are politically motivated to gather votes. His latest political stunt involves around farmers of Punjab!”


 In a move to score political brownie points, AAP supremo has sent his leaders to examine the rain affected in Punjab. it must be noted here that untimely rain had severely affected crops like wheat in Punjab but two crucial questions arise here – first, are those leaders agricultural experts? Second, leaving Delhi what are these leaders trying to prove in the jurisdiction of Punjab?

Political move to gather votes

Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP is leaving no stone unturned create some noise in state where it doesn’t have any political base or organisation structure. Failing to make any headway in state, AAP is resorting to cheap antics to garner sympathy of Punjab voters. Punjab being an agricultural dominated economy, farming community plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of elections.


AAP couldn’t have missed out on such huge opportunity in the run-up to assembly polls and from Kejriwal’s much hyped visit to the families of farmers who had committed suicide to latest move sending AAP leaders from Delhi to examine rain affected crops, Aam Aadmi Party is going al out to woo crucial farming community in Punjab.

Kejriwal’s false agenda exposed


Kejriwal might have visited the families of farmers who had committed suicide in state to garner sympathy but perhaps he has forgotten that that the memories of farmer Ganjendra Singh’s suicide during a AAP rally is still fresh in people’s minds.

Even as the poor farmer ended his life by hanging himself to a tree, Delhi CM continued making his public speech on the dais whilst posing for TV cameras. This incident had exposed his utter disregard for the loss of a human life and insensitivity to the suffering of others. Now, he is trying to reopen the wounds in Punjab for gaining political mileage.

Kejriwal is the biggest enemy of Haryana


State assembly passes resolution against him

In the political airs of Haryana, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal’s name making the people furious against him because of his statement on SYL in which he had supported Punjab.

The legislators of Haryana had strongly condemned the statement of the muffler man on SYL issue. On Wednesday, the assembly took up a stand against Kejriwal and unanimously passes a condemnation resolution against the AAP supremo for his remarks that Punjab has no spare water for Haryana.

Dhankar brought resolution against Kejriwal in assembly


OP Dhankar, the Agricultural and Irrigation Minister of Haryana termed the muffler man statement as unfortunate and against the constitutional norms. Moreover, he stressed that the statement of Kejriwal was against the state. He said that the Chief Minister of Delhi has played the political stunt to impress the people. Moreover, Kejriwal deliberately gave his statement as he is eyeing on Punjab polls so that’s why he jumped into a matter which could make him popular in Punjab.  Finally, Dhankar brought the resolution in the assembly against Kejriwal for his remarks on SYL.

House unanimously passed resolution

The resolution unanimously passed in the house by voice voting. The Chief Minister of Haryana told Kejriwal to remain neutral and choose his words carefully. Moreover, the Chief Minister of Delhi was badly criticised by the cabinet minister Anil Vij who wrote against him on his twitter account.

INLD demanded resolution to stop water for Delhi     

The legislators of Indian National Lok Dal also urged the assembly to bring resolution to stop water for Delhi so that the Kejriwal could get a lesson. Moreover, they said that the AAP supremo has no right to comment the issues between Haryana and Punjab state. He should work and concentrate on his own state instead of commenting on the issues of other states. It seems, the AAP national convenor take up such issues which could help him hunting the headlines. For headline hunting, he can do everything.



AAP wooing Dalit voters in Punjab

“In the run-up to Punjab assembly polls Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is leaving no stone unturned to woo as many voters as possible. Dalit voters constituent 32% of the electorate in the state, which is highest in the country. Seeing huge opportunity, AAP is going all out to garner dalit sympathy.”

Unable to garner any sort of public support, AAP is relying heavily on dalit voters. It must be noted that in Doaba region of Punjab, Dalit constituent over 40% of the voters. In the latest move, Arvind Kejriwal led party decided to woo the Dalit voters in Punjab and Kejriwal is visiting the state second time in a fortnight with this dubious intention. It is pertinent to mention here that the party has already formed a SC/ST wing to focus on marginalized community.

 Vote bank politics

AAP has gone all out to play vote bank politics. It must be noted that the party, which had always criticized other parties for appeasement of a particular vote bank, is itself indulging heavily into it.

During Lok Sabha polls the party tried wooing Muslim voters and its convener Arvind Kejriwal was witnessed wearing a skull cap while visiting Muslim dominated areas.

Eye on Dera vote bank

There are many small and big Deras (religious conglomerate) in Punjab, which enjoy massive support base especially from marginalized community from socio-economic downtrodden society. Kejriwal has handpicked three largest deras in the state, which enjoy huge follower base.

Besides Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Kejriwal is also visiting the dera of Balbir Singh Seechewal at Seechewal village in Jalandhar district and Baba Pargat Nath of Valmik Yog Ashram at Rahimpur village here.

Kejriwal will kick off his dalit trip in the state from Gurdwara Bunga Sahib along the banks of the Sutlej river, where he will meet the family of Kanshi Ram.

 It must be noted that Kejriwal rose to the power with the claims of offering clean and alternative politics. But in stark contrast to their claims, AAP is busy playing divisive role of indulging in vote bank politics.

Dwindling graph of AAP

“Non-fulfillment of any of the pre-poll promises, infighting and dictatorship style leadership of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal are the reasons behind nose-diving popularity chart of Aam Aadmi Party.”


AAP was committed to radically change the political system, but it completely failed to make any impression. Disillusioned Indian voters voted for AAP in hope for ‘change’. But to their disbelief and shock, Kejriwal appeared only a power leader and his party reduced to bunch of disgruntled leaders who had joined AAP after failing to get ticket from any other major party.

From anti-corruption movement to height of corruption

The party, born out of an anti-corruption movement in 2012 has become the core of corruption. In the first of Kejriwal’s rule as CM, scams worth thousands of crores marred the government functioning. From onion to sugar, from auto permit to CNG sticker, AAP made news for all the wrong reasons. No state government in the state would have witnessed corruption at such a massive level.


Arvind Kejriwal’s single point agenda of fighting corruption brought him to power but getting backfired, this plank proved to be the major setback for him. Series of stings exposed his ministers and other officials demanding bribe and CBI raids in his office further dented his false claims of eradicating corruption from roots.

Drift from core principle

From expelling Yogendra Yadav & Prashant Bhushan to moving away from their basic tenet of Swaraj, transparency and democracy, the party has rejected the principles on which it was formed. It was meant to represent people’s voice but ironically there is no democracy within the party and it is marred by autocracy and dictatorship style of functioning.

Dropping chart of Punjab unit

Running high on confidence post general election, AAP decided to contest the assembly bi-election in Punjab, which was held three months after the general election. Held in two constituencies – Patiala and Talwandi Sabo, AAP candidates at both the constituencies lost their deposit. Scared of facing the public ire in the elections, later AAP didn’t even contest three bypolls in a row.

Dangerous AAP is emerging in Punjab

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) since inception has been a dumping ground of disgruntled leaders from other political parties. But a very dangerous trend is emerging in Punjab. On the extreme left are the leaders with communist leaning and on the extreme right, it is Sikh hardliners joining or supporting party ideology.”


Being a border state, Punjab is highly sensitive and has already faced turmoil for two decades. Any move to compromise with the sovereignty and peace of Punjab to reap political benefits would prove to be extremely dangerous. Desperate to make a mark in Punjab polls, AAP is not leaving any stone unturned and it doesn’t even shy away from siding with Khalistan extremist for political gains.

Endorsing Bhindrawale

Devoid of any political base or ground in state, AAP is supporting Khalistan ideology to gain political mileage. AAP leaders like Sucha Singh Chhotepur, Sanjay Singh and Bhagwant Mann openly ask people to celebrate Bhindrawale’s birth anniversary by paying obeisance at the nearest gurdwaras.

AAP leaders had been fuelling extremist sentiments in the state by circulating leaflets and pasting posters with photograph of slain militant Bhindrawale. When the move boomeranged, they disown the poster and very conveniently passed on the blame on to opposition.

 Funding from Sikh extremists

Not only the extremists are supporting their ideology by AAP is also accumulating massive funding from Sikh separatist and anti-social elements living across the globe. Their rising funding from extremist element is posing a serious threat on sovereignty of Punjab and AAP now ought to clear its stand on source of funds.

Insurgency in Punjab was one of the darkest periods in Punjab’s history and Punjab suffered in the wake of militancy for over two decades. Radical views are slowly reviving in Punjab and AAP is now trying to ignite it for political gains.

Suspended “AAP MP” revolts against AAP

aap MP 2

“AAP had bagged four seats in Lok Sabha from Punjab only. Despite that the party’s two MP’s were suspended by AAP leadership. The suspended MP Dharamvir Gandhi raised questions on party’s selection for the candidates for assembly elections.”

The AAP Member Parliament, Dharamvir Gandhi has raised questions over the selection procedure of the candidates for the assembly elections in 2017.

Gandhi who had defeated the former Union Minister and wife of Capt Amrinder Singh, Preneet Kaur from Patiala constituency said that the party has forgotten its own rules.

The suspended MP lambasted at the senior leadership of AAP for side lined the party’s principles. Gandhi told that the in charge of AAP Punjab, Sanjay Singh has made a statement that the party’s volunteers would not play any important role in ticket allocation procedure.

AAP volunteers oppose the move of the party

The statement of Sanjay Singh has demoralised the party workers and the volunteers who have worked hard for the party. On anonymity basis, a volunteer told that the party’s senior leadership had earlier announced to not participate in by polls. The non-participation in the by polls demoralised them as they were prepared for the democratic procedure which could show the power of the party. However, at that time party senior leadership refrained to participate. And now the party has decided to take the decision of allocation of tickets without consulting the volunteers.

Gandhi up in arms against AAP Delhi leaders


Dharamvir Gandhi alleged that the AAP Delhi leaders are interfering in the matters of AAP Punjab. Earlier, the Punjab leaders were confident that the party would definitely give the powers to the AAP Punjab leaders but Gandhi told that the leaders did not allow the Punjab leadership to take any decision. The entire Punjab unit is controlled by AAP Delhi leadership. Gandhi further told that when the AAP supremo was touring in the state, he did not bother to contact the suspended MP’s. The suspended MP told that the party has welcomed the sidelined leaders of other parties. The induction of former Congress leader Sukhpal Khaira and other SAD leaders has shown that the party has forgotten its own rules and regulations.

If party has no respect for its own leaders then how come the party would think about the volunteers? Gandhi had earlier announced that the AAP supremo should talk to them or dismiss them but Kejriwal did not say anything against his party’s MP.