Bhagwant Mann insults parliament, refused to tender apology

Drunk Bhagwant Mann

The AAP MP from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann insulted the parliament and refused to apologise for the parliament video case. Mann had tried to breach the security information of country’s law making building through social media. He will not be allowed to attend the session of the parliament till December 9.

As per the information, the speaker of the house Sumitra Mahajan said that AAP MP will not attend the house till December 9. The speaker extended the quantum of sentence against Mann.

A nine member team of Lok Sabha probed Mann for posting video footage of parliament on social media site. The controversial AAP MP had revealed the security details through social media. He knew that the Parliament was attacked in 2001 but he deliberately made a video of the route to parliament. Moreover, he posted the video on social media.

The AAP leader committed a biggest blunder intentionally. It was crystal clear that Mann played dirty politics for publicity. However, the Sangrur MP is reluctant to tender his apology. So, that’s why the speaker extended him the time limit so that he could tender his apology.

Mann adopted dictatorial attitude and refused to apologize. One can easily imagine that the AAP leaders have their personal goals rather than maintaining the secrecy of the security of Parliament.

Even a member of the probe panel said that Mann did the stupid task under the influence of liquor. He made a mockery of country’s law making body. Such stupid parliamentarian should be barred to enter in the house.

The AAP Punjab workers and volunteers from few districts alleged that he always attend the rallies under the influence of liquor. Even he attended few religious functions while consuming liquor.


Rumors, Disagreements And More, The Aap Shakes Yet Again With The Release Of 3rd Candidate List

Gearing up for the battle for Punjab next year, the aam admi party overcomes an another requisite of the battle by releasing the third list of candidates on last Friday. With distribution of 29 tickets, the list included some turncoats, professional, first timers and young gun. However, not learned enough from it’s past mistakes aap doesn’t fail to disappoint many in the wake this announcement.

The party yet again party witness a rebellion by volunteers, with more than 200 volunteers metting at Adampur raising their voice against the candidature of Hans Raj Rana. In the spirit of expressing their disagreement, a 11 member committee was formed by, Dr Ravi Kumar, former excise and taxation officer SS Dhure and retired principal Harnek Singh, to talk to the party high command to replace Rana as a candidate.

“Rana is an outsider and is having no local links. He has been preferred over the volunteers, who had been working relentlessly for the past two years. It’s very unfortunate,” an aspirant told HT.

With bringing light to Rana’s prior involvement with bjp in 2012 assembly polls, members of the party raised question on his credibility. While another ticket given to Amarjit Thind, a 34 year old doctor in Shahkot also didn’t bode well with the party members as well. Senior leader  Col CD Kamboj (retd), who had left the Congress last year to join the AAP. Sources close to Kamboj said he was miffed with the selection of the candidate and has conveyed his resentment to the party high command. Sources said Kamboj, who was last week announced as vice-president of the AAP, has been promised suitable post in case the party comes to power in Punjab.

“But he has categorically told the party high-ups that his first desire was to serve the people by getting elected as an MLA. He is likely to take a few more days to take the final call,” said a leader close to Kamboj. Kamboj refused to comment on the issue.

Insipite of AAP MP Bhagwant Mann supporting the bandwagon disappointed tickets aspirants and leveling with the, there still exist party members who didn’t deter from their stand of bearing the brunt of injustice. party ticket aspirant Satpal Singla accused AAP candidate Nazar Singh Manshahia. Singla, a founding member of the party, of indulging in financial irregularities when he served in the Punjab Pollution Control Board and reasoned this behind his premature retirement from the department. Manshahiya denied the allegations saying Singla was telling lies.

From being a front face of creating an illusion of trust, faith, equity and formost unity, AAP has time and again fallen short on keeping their mission intact whether it’s within the party or outside. And now with a bag full non-impressed members, Seems like all AAP is heading in this poll, for a battle amongst themselves more than the opposition itself.

AAP insulting the media, the fourth pillar of democracy

AAP Punjab Political Impression Icon

The Delhi government led by Aam Aadmi Party has completely failed to deliver its promises to the people of Delhi and the recent disease ‘chikungunya’ broke out in Delhi resulting 11 deaths exposed the poor health facilities in the state.

The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is busy in Bengaluru and all the ministers are in other states. Satyendra Jain just returned from Goa to Delhi when the absence of ministers of Delhi hit the headlines.

Jain during a press conference threw the mobile phone of a journalist as he got furious from the question asked to him by the media person. He misbehaved with the media persons and told them, extortionists.

He also stated that the media has been showing the paid stories to malign the image of the government. However, the deaths due to the disease revealed the truth that state government failed to tackle the disease because, in the monsoon season, no proper arrangements were made to tackle the problem.

The AAP head and the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal who is taking treatment at Bengaluru hospital also abused the media. Kejriwal slammed the media for taking money to show stories against Delhi government.

Recently, the Aam Aadmi Party leader and the cabinet minister Kapil Mishra has made the personal contact number of a renowned journalist on twitter. Consequently, Deepak Chaurasia got threatening calls on his personal number.

Chaurasia registered a police complaint and the complaint lodged under section 506, 507, 509 and 34 of IPC.

Chaurasia’s phone numbers were made public by Mishra in his tweet,

“Dear Deepak Chaurasia, you just flashed my personal number on your television channel. I thought the love should not be one-sided. So I am sharing both your numbers. Enjoy.”

The tweet message of Mishra showed that he deliberately made the contact number of the senior journalist as revenge against the journalist.

In a letter to the editors’ association, India News editor-in-chief Chaurasia alleged that after Mishra’s tweet he started receiving threats and abusive calls and his phone has not stopped ringing. Some of the callers even abused his children.

The AAP parliamentarian Bhagwant Mann had insulted the journalists in Bassi Pathana and also instigated the AAP workers to throw them out of the rally. The police had registered a case against Mann and later Mann apologised to the media.

AAP’s fundraising dinner losing its sheen

“Aam Aadmi Party’s much hyped fundraising diners, which have been one of the biggest source of funding for the party are losing their sheen rapidly.”


 Fundraising dinners are nothing new to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and perhaps the party is surviving by indulging in such cheap antics. It has been befooling people by giving them opportunity to dine with party leaders. But initial euphoria dying down; now don’t seem to be much interested in much touted publicity stunt.

Losing Popularity of AAP’s cheap antics

Riding high with initial positive response of fundraising dinner, AAP doubled the ticket price of recently held dinner at Bathinda. It must be noted that price was raised from Rs 5,000 to Rs, 10,000. AAP was expecting a gathering of over 200 but to their utter disappointment not even 100 people turned up for much hyped event.

It is pertinent to note here that the party was expecting to accumulate more than Rs. 20 lakh but they couldn’t even gather Rs 10 Lakh.

 Bhagwant Mann, Ghuggi giving a miss


People, who had shelled out Rs 10,000 each with a wish to meet comedian-turned-politicians Bhagwant Mann and Gurpreet Gugghi returned back disheartened as both of them backed out in the last minute. While Ghuggi had expressed his inability to come for the event, one day in advance, Mann on the other hand didn’t even bother the inform organizers about his absentee and they had not clue till the start of the event.

Kejriwal, other leaders decide to skip

It must be noted that it was well publicized that Kejriwal and other prominent leaders like Party’s state in-charge Sanjay Singh, state convener Sucha Singh Chottepur, national organisational in-charge Durgesh Pathak and other state and national leaders were supposed to be present at the occasion in Bathinda but only Ashutosh came in besides few leaders from the state unit.

AAP might have got some initial success but people were smart enough to gauge that this was nothing but AAP’s cheap stunt to gain publicity and earn some moolah!