Rumors, Disagreements And More, The Aap Shakes Yet Again With The Release Of 3rd Candidate List

Gearing up for the battle for Punjab next year, the aam admi party overcomes an another requisite of the battle by releasing the third list of candidates on last Friday. With distribution of 29 tickets, the list included some turncoats, professional, first timers and young gun. However, not learned enough from it’s past mistakes aap doesn’t fail to disappoint many in the wake this announcement.

The party yet again party witness a rebellion by volunteers, with more than 200 volunteers metting at Adampur raising their voice against the candidature of Hans Raj Rana. In the spirit of expressing their disagreement, a 11 member committee was formed by, Dr Ravi Kumar, former excise and taxation officer SS Dhure and retired principal Harnek Singh, to talk to the party high command to replace Rana as a candidate.

“Rana is an outsider and is having no local links. He has been preferred over the volunteers, who had been working relentlessly for the past two years. It’s very unfortunate,” an aspirant told HT.

With bringing light to Rana’s prior involvement with bjp in 2012 assembly polls, members of the party raised question on his credibility. While another ticket given to Amarjit Thind, a 34 year old doctor in Shahkot also didn’t bode well with the party members as well. Senior leader  Col CD Kamboj (retd), who had left the Congress last year to join the AAP. Sources close to Kamboj said he was miffed with the selection of the candidate and has conveyed his resentment to the party high command. Sources said Kamboj, who was last week announced as vice-president of the AAP, has been promised suitable post in case the party comes to power in Punjab.

“But he has categorically told the party high-ups that his first desire was to serve the people by getting elected as an MLA. He is likely to take a few more days to take the final call,” said a leader close to Kamboj. Kamboj refused to comment on the issue.

Insipite of AAP MP Bhagwant Mann supporting the bandwagon disappointed tickets aspirants and leveling with the, there still exist party members who didn’t deter from their stand of bearing the brunt of injustice. party ticket aspirant Satpal Singla accused AAP candidate Nazar Singh Manshahia. Singla, a founding member of the party, of indulging in financial irregularities when he served in the Punjab Pollution Control Board and reasoned this behind his premature retirement from the department. Manshahiya denied the allegations saying Singla was telling lies.

From being a front face of creating an illusion of trust, faith, equity and formost unity, AAP has time and again fallen short on keeping their mission intact whether it’s within the party or outside. And now with a bag full non-impressed members, Seems like all AAP is heading in this poll, for a battle amongst themselves more than the opposition itself.

AAP is broke, check our bank accounts: Claims Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal recently claimed on 22 August that the AAP does not have the money to fight elections.

Speaking to group of scheduled castes and scheduled t6ribes members in goa, the AAP convener said, “it would look odd but it is true that despite a one-and-half year of governance in delhi, AAP does not have money to fight election. I can show you my bank account, even the party does not have money “

Kejriwal’s comments come at a time when his party has already kick-started campaigning for the upcoming Punjab and Goa polls.

“When we contested in Delhi, it is the people who fought the election. AAP is a platform for everyone to fight for their better future,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

However, contrary to Kejriwal’s claims, facts speak otherwise. Going by the Election Commission, the AAP is the fourth largest political party in the country in terms of receiving contributions. In the financial year 2014-15, it received contributions worth Rs 37.45 crore.

Only three parties – and all of them national ones – had received larger contributions than the AAP. The BJP, with 437.35 crore is at the top, followed by the Congress (Rs 141.55 crore) and the NCP (Rs 38.82 crore).

Once again Arvind Kejriwal proves to be a politician whose claims are high on hype but low on substance.

AAP MLAs seeks clarity over jurisdiction in Delhi Assembly

As the Delhi Assembly’s four-day session commences from Monday, Aadmi Party (AAP) legislators have entered the Assembly seeking clarity on the powers that they have.

The issue of the arrest of AAP MLAs is expected to be raised by the ruling party members too. “After the court order, most MLAs are in a doubt over rights of the Assembly and government and want to seek clarity over the issue. In view of this, they will table resolution on the floor of the House asking the Delhi government to move Supreme Court,” a party functionary said.

During the four-day session the AAP MLAs have decided to bring in resolutions in the House against Delhi Police and the BJP government at the Centre, demanding the Delhi government’s approach the apex court.

The Kejriwal government has already announced that it will move the Supreme Court against the HC verdict which had ruled that LG is the administrative head of Delhi on August 4.

AAP MLA from Rajouri Garden Jarnail Singh said legislators will seek more clarity on the powers of the Delhi Assembly and the government in the House after the HC order.

“The issue about the confusion over the recent High Court order will certainly be raised. We will seek more clarity on the powers of the Delhi Assembly and the government.

“In other places, the government has the power to directly present the bill before Assembly, but in Delhi the situation is the other way round. Legislations require prior sanction of the LG,” Singh said.

Whether in the Assembly or outside, this single issue has dominated all other important issues related to common man. Over and again the issue of granting statehood to Delhi has emerged as the single-point agenda of the ruling government.

“Granting statehood to Delhi is an ongoing issue, which we’re taking up in every platform. The other problems are arising due to absence of it. It can’t be ignored in the Assembly session,” the party functionary added.

However, Constitutional experts feel that nothing worth will come out of this four-day session, as it’ll be a futile exercise.

“There can’t be a government within a government. Right from the beginning, and even after Delhi got its first CM and an Assembly, it’s under the Government of India. Since there has been no change in rules and regulations and transaction of business procedures, the status remains the same,” said former secretary, Delhi Assembly, SK Sharma.

“There are ample references in our constitutional history and legislations were passed that clearly show that National Capital Territory (Delhi) can’t be under local government or local administration. Constitutionally, Delhi is a quasi-state with the L-G as the state head. He also has the control over law and order and land in the NCT. Debating on this issue every time especially in the assembly session seems a futile exercise,” he added.

Kejriwal Daydreaming about ruling Punjab

“Instead of camping in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal should focus on Delhi, whose dream have been shattered in wake of unfulfilled promises and migovernance.”


Arvind Kejriwal has been nurturing the dream of winning the upcoming elections scheduled for early next year. Leaving no stone unturned, AAP is going all out to garner sympathy of voters of Punjab. Earlier, Kejriwal took the entire Delhi electorate for a ride by promising moon but not delivering any of pre-poll promises after coming to power.

Chasing any elusive dream


Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal is “chasing an illusive dream of ruling” the Punjab state instead of serving Delhiites whose woes are mounting up in wake of misgovernance by AAP led Delhi government. Kejriwal is trying to “sell false dreams” in Punjab instead of standing with the people of Delhi and try to address their pressing problems.

 Anarchy in Delhi

AAP has reduced to one-man army and party chief Arvind Kejriwal has created in created anarchy in the party. Much against the party’s core principle of honesty, transparency and democratization, the party is working in complexly autocratic style.

Kejriwal follows the policy of “hit-and-run” and he hits an issue but runs away after being asked to offer the solution.

Public memory is not as short as perhaps Arvind Kejriwal thinks and people neither forgive nor forget. So he should better beware against taking them for granted as they can throw him out anytime. The situation is building fast towards that end as AAP government has failed badly and they failed to live up to the expectations of Delhi voters.

Kejriwal’s crazy idea to install CCTVs in classrooms


Earlier AAP proposed 15 lakh cameras, but failed to provide the facility

The installation of the 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi for women security was the main agenda of AAP party and it was also mentioned in the party’s manifesto. However, the crazy Kejriwal’s regime failed to fulfil the promise as it is too much costly.

But now the ruling AAP government again proposed the installation of CCTVs in the classrooms of government schools. In the second budget, the Deputy of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia made the announcement during his budget speech.

CCTV cameras in public schools will improve education, foolish Sisodia

The ruling government of AAP boasted that the government want to make the public schools better than private schools.

According to Sisodia, a budget Rs. 100 crore has been allotted for the installation of CCTVs in each classroom of every school, Sisodia said. “We want to make public schools better than private schools,” he said

How come the move would enhance the level of education in government schools? The quality of education can be improved in Delhi only by filling the vacant posts of teachers in government schools. The government has preferred to spend Rs 100 crore on the installation of CCTV camera. It shows the craziness of Delhi CM and his deputy.

The government should fill the backlog of vacant seats of teachers in government schools instead of introducing such a foolish concept. The students need books, proper infrastructure and teachers.

Kejriwal had promised 15 lakh CCTV cameras but failed to do

Kejri cameras

In the party manifesto, the AAP supremo had promised to install 15 lakh CCTV cameras in Delhi but nothing has been done so far in this regard by AAP regime.

Kejriwal had said “Over 10-15 lakh CCTV cameras will be installed across Delhi.” The foolish politician had given his statement in haste without considering any logical fact. Even in the developed countries, no city has number of cameras which Kejriwal mentioned in his party manifesto.



AAP’s new ‘Publicity stunt’: uses IVR to woo voters

“After launching a massive media campaign on television, radio, newspapers and outdoor hoardings on self-publicity, the AAP government, in a desperate attempt to woo more number of voters has included a new tool in its armory – Integrated Voice Record (IVR) on mobile phones.”


AAP led Delhi government had earmarked massive Rs 526 crores on advertising. A cheap act of self-glorification, when they failed to establish connect with voters through massive advertising campaign across media channels; they are now trying to tap the mobile phone users of entire Delhi. AAP government is now making recorded voice calls to mobile phone users of Delhi to highlight their achievements.

Dialing the ‘wrong number’

In the capital, there are about three crores mobile connections, and the AAP government is trying hard to reach to about 1.38 crores of them which are not subscribed to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) scheme. DND stops any kind of promotional or sales calls.

On the occasion of Holi, Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government started experimenting with the new medium, Integrated Voice Record (IVR), and tried to reach out to 1.38 crores, who have not subscribed to DND. However, the government failed miserable in their latest cheap antics as only two lakh people took the call, and half of them disconnected it midway.

Self-glorification drive

The IVR call, which was about a 1.45 minutes voice clip, highlighted the works by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal boasts of his achievements and improvements in the power sector. The clip also highlighted the AAP government’s plan to provide free treatments and medicines in all public hospitals. As per the information from the news reports, the contract of covering 1.3 crore connections has been awarded to a Mumbai-based company, which charges 50 paisa per second per call.

Aam Aadmi Party had the initial plan to connect to people across the country, but later they dropped the idea and limited the plan only to national capital after seeing the dismal performance in Delhi.


Group of activists up in arms against Delhi government

“Utterly disappointed with the functioning of Delhi government, a group of activists decided to form a ‘shadow Cabinet’, which would hold the Delhi ministers accountable and keep a tab on the real issues of the people.”


 In the run-up to assembly polls in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) promised moon and delivered nothing. Kejriwal is known for making false claims and tall promises and later retracting from his own stand. That is what happened in Delhi and disillusioned voters of Delhi are repenting their decision of supporting Kejriwal in the journey of becoming the CM of Delhi.

Activists; friends turned foe

Group of activists led by Chhaya Mandti Mandal (CMM), a NGO who had campaigned for AAP before the elections are now disappointed with the way things have turned out in past one year of AAP government’s rule. They have now decided to take it upon themselves to set things right.

In this direction, they will form a ‘shadow cabinet’ where in designated team will keep a close tab on the functioning of council of Ministers in Delhi government including the Deputy Cm and Chief Minsiter Arvind Kejriwal.

Job of a ‘Shadow Minister’

A shadow minister will keep a tab on the work, performance and efficiency of the ministry he/she will be assigned. He/she will further oversee, if the public funds are being spent pin a judicious manner and would simultaneously update the public on the same.


The shadow cabinet members will not only hold the ministers accountable but also keep tab on real issues being faced the people.


Transparency, honesty and accountability were the basic tenets, which were promulgated by AAP before government formation but drifting away from the core principles on which the party stood, they are now functioning in completely autocratic way. Rightly felt by this group of activists, perhaps this is the only way to set things right and make government accountable

Kejriwal to reshuffle portfolios of his ministers


Trying to save the image of AAP as party did not fulfil its promises

After the second budget session of AAP ruling regime, it has been decided by the party’s supremo to make major changes in the cabinet as the party has failed to achieve the promises made to the public of Delhi.

As per the information, the AAP supremo and the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has come out with a plan to befool the public again by making changes in the portfolios of cabinet ministers.

Anti-feminist Kejriwal to change Deputy Speaker Kumari

The AAP government always claim the protection of the rights of women. But in the cabinet of Arvind Kejriwal, no woman legislator was given a chance and now the Kejriwal is going to change the Deputy Speaker Bandana Kumari.

However, the speaker Ram Niwas Goel would get a cabinet berth as Kejriwal would make the party legislator happy this time. He would also include the legislators in his cabinet to please them.


A senior AAP leader told media, “A reshuffle is definite but no final decision has been taken on how the portfolios will be changed. The party has been observing its ministers and those in senior posts for the past one year, and has found that some of them are not making an impact politically, or as ministers. A final decision will be taken by Arvind Kejriwal shortly.”

Kejriwal trying to save AAP


People of Delhi have been raising questions on the work done by AAP in Delhi. So the muffler man has put the entire blame on the concerned minister and by reshuffling the portfolios, he would be fool the public once again.

Moreover, Kejriwal has no other option left to prove the party except sacking two ministers this time. Kejriwal’s minister Sandeep Kumar dealing with the Women and Child Development Ministry humiliated a school principal over his wife’s name not being there on an official plaque. The teachers and the parents association of the school had criticised the AAP government not taking any step against Sandeep. Finally, Kejriwal would sack him as minister to show the public that he has acted against his minister. However, Kejriwal did not sack Jitender Tomar, Somnath Bharti and other tainted AAP leaders from the party.



Khaira, AAP spokesperson – A ‘Headline Hunter’ with tyrannical style

“In sync with its image, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appointed fiery Sukhpal Khaira as party spokesperson for Punjab unit, who has a reputation of firing baseless salvos at opposition parties to grab headlines.”


Sukhpal Khaira is a headline hunter, who has a tendency to divulge himself into ridiculous levels of despotism. He has always indulges in mud slinging with an intension to defame other and get some cheap publicity but in that process, he ends up getting his own linen dirty.

An ideal find by AAP

It must be noted that Aam Aadmi Party has always indulged in blame-game and goes to any extent to grab eyeballs. In this context, they have found the ideal candidate in Khaira for Punjab unit.

Known for abrasive style of functioning, Khaira faced worst political crisis when he was forced to quit Congress and joined AAP, which has off late become a junkyard of disgruntled political leaders from across political parties. All the rebel political leaders and those failed to find a position in the parent political party find refuge in AAP. Interestingly AAP, which is a platform for all dissenters, they get prominent position after joining the party. Testimony to the point, is the fact that Sukhpal Khaira was appointed spokesperson of the Punjab unity of the party.

Publicity lover


His love for publicity is well-known fact. Indulging in all sorts of means, he has managed to create his own fan following on social media. From uploading pictures to making videos, he does everything that ensures the he is always in the news.

Factionalism led Aam Aadmi Party, which has been battling a credibility and leadership crisis in the state; Khaira’s induction will further deepen the fissures in state unit of the party.

Dwindling graph of AAP

“Non-fulfillment of any of the pre-poll promises, infighting and dictatorship style leadership of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal are the reasons behind nose-diving popularity chart of Aam Aadmi Party.”


AAP was committed to radically change the political system, but it completely failed to make any impression. Disillusioned Indian voters voted for AAP in hope for ‘change’. But to their disbelief and shock, Kejriwal appeared only a power leader and his party reduced to bunch of disgruntled leaders who had joined AAP after failing to get ticket from any other major party.

From anti-corruption movement to height of corruption

The party, born out of an anti-corruption movement in 2012 has become the core of corruption. In the first of Kejriwal’s rule as CM, scams worth thousands of crores marred the government functioning. From onion to sugar, from auto permit to CNG sticker, AAP made news for all the wrong reasons. No state government in the state would have witnessed corruption at such a massive level.


Arvind Kejriwal’s single point agenda of fighting corruption brought him to power but getting backfired, this plank proved to be the major setback for him. Series of stings exposed his ministers and other officials demanding bribe and CBI raids in his office further dented his false claims of eradicating corruption from roots.

Drift from core principle

From expelling Yogendra Yadav & Prashant Bhushan to moving away from their basic tenet of Swaraj, transparency and democracy, the party has rejected the principles on which it was formed. It was meant to represent people’s voice but ironically there is no democracy within the party and it is marred by autocracy and dictatorship style of functioning.

Dropping chart of Punjab unit

Running high on confidence post general election, AAP decided to contest the assembly bi-election in Punjab, which was held three months after the general election. Held in two constituencies – Patiala and Talwandi Sabo, AAP candidates at both the constituencies lost their deposit. Scared of facing the public ire in the elections, later AAP didn’t even contest three bypolls in a row.