AAP, a party of molesters

The lawmakers of AAP have been turning into lawbreakers in Delhi. AAP legislator Amanatullah Khan arrested by Delhi Police in the sexual assault case and MLA arrested second time by Police in sexual assault case.

The legislator tried to defend his arrest by tweeted a message that he had gone to meet a Police officer and the police arrested him. This time, a 32-year old woman who is a relative of Khan filed a case of sexual harassment against him.

It is unfortunate that the lawmakers of the party involved in molestation cases as the party promised to protect the women of the state but the lawmaker of AAP didn’t spare his own relative. Earlier, he was arrested on the same charges in another case and he was on bail.

The entire Delhi government was sleeping when the ‘Dengue’ and ‘chinkungunya’ broke out in the state and led to 17 deaths in the city and the legislator told the police to not arrest him as he is busy in the fogging drive in his constituency to fight against the dengue and chikungunya.

When the disease broke out in the state he was sleeping and suddenly, he started working with the fogging team in his constituency. Khan made an excuse to avoid his arrest. And he also dared the police to arrest him a few days back.

Moreover, he reached the police station with his supporters and goons and challenged the police to arrest him. At that time, the police did not arrest him as the investigation was going on. However, Khan was arrested on Wednesday when the allegation of his relative proved that he sexually harassed her.

With the arrest of Amanatullah Khan, the number of AAP legislators arrested in criminal cases reached at 19. The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP head, Arvind Kejriwal accused the centre government of framing a false case against his MLA.

It is evident that the police registered a case on the basis of evidence and Khan’s image is not clean in politics as he was involved in various criminal cases. Even the anti-terrorist wing has been monitoring him since long.

The AAP party had promised the people of Delhi to make Delhi safer for women. However, the AAP lawmakers and leaders started committing crimes against women. Amanatullah’ case is not the first case as earlier Somnath Bharti, Sandeep Kumar, Prakash Jarwal, Dinesh Mohaniya and Kumar Vishwas has been facing the same cases. The party should change its name from ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ to ‘Anti Aurat Party’.


Arvind Kejriwal is an Anti-National mobster

Aam Aadmi party should be banned, in order to safeguard national peace.

Kejriwal has turn out to be a devilish monster as he supports “anti-national” activities and threatens the Central government & Indian Prime Minister to face the consequence of “action” taken against the “anti-national elements.” He tweeted in support of JNU students who raised slogans against India:

“No one supports anti-national forces. But targeting innocent students using that as an excuse will prove v costly to Modi govt”.


On the one hand, Kumar Vishwas another AAP party leader urged the central government to take “unsympathetic” action against the students who raised anti-India slogans at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus and when the action was taken against anti-constitutional and anti-national elements, Kejriwal threatened the Prime Minister by saying that he will have to pay for this action. Kejriwal was never heard condemning those who raised divisive slogans. Not only this, Kejriwal stood against the orders of debarring those found guilty, from academic activities during the period of the enquiry.

People of Delhi are now sick of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP government, as it has been always seen demoralising the Delhi police when it tries to put the corrupt politicians behind the bars or punish the anti-national activists. At the end, AAP just blame the System and the central government.

Being a Chief Minister of National Capital does not give supreme power to Kejriwal to say ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ that provokes public and make the crowd angrier. By supporting anti-India slogans like “Kashmir ki Azadi tak jung chalegi”, “India ki barbadi tak jung chalegi”, Kejriwal has not just escalated the political controversy but also he has set up things for a violent episode in the coming days.

“Anti-national AAP government should be booted out of the politics for better polity”