The truth behind the ink attacks on AAP leaders?



In the history of Indian Politics, AAP has emerged on the top as the leaders are being targeted for ink attacks and the party always blame BJP for the ink attacks. A question arises in everyone’s mind that why AAP leaders victimised, and they blame BJP only?

It’s just a stunt to gain political mileage or divert the attention of public from the core issues. A creative uploaded on Aam Aadmi Party-Punjab projected the Chief Minister of Arvind Kejriwal as a hero. A two liner has been describing that the party would write the new chapter of revolution with the ink thrown at Arvind Kejriwal and blaming BJP for the attacks.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia was the victim last week when he was briefing the media about his meeting with LG Najeeb Jung. The national capital has been witnessing tough time as Dengue and Chikungunya broke out in the state. At least 18 people died because of the disease.

When the disease broke out in the state, the entire AAP cabinet was touring in other states for upcoming assembly polls. The Chief Minister was in Bengaluru so his deputy Sisodia was supposed to handle the responsibility of Delhi. However, the Deputy Chief Minister was enjoying holidays in Finland.

Najeeb Jang wrote a letter to Sisodia and called him at his residence to explain the situation of the state and the measures taken by Delhi government. Suddenly, a person hurled ink at Sisodia during the media briefing.

The party blamed BJP’s hand behind the ink attack. However, the facts speak something different. The accused Brajesh Shukla is an old critic of AAP party, and moreover, he was angry because Sisodia was in Finland when the disease broke out in the state. Shukla told the police that Sisodia should have cancelled his tour as the health care facilities in government hospitals are not up to the mark.

However, this was not only the first attack on AAP leader. In April 2016, a man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal when he was announcing the next round of the odd-even scheme. The thrower used to work in AAP party and later formed his group.

It is evident that the Odd-Even scheme was a failure and shoe throwing was stage-managed by AAP party. In January 2016, a woman threw ink at Kejriwal in thanksgiving rally for Odd-Even pilot project.  The woman has easily reached on the stage and threw ink. In fact, Kejriwal himself told his commandoes not to come near the stage. At least 60 armed commandoes with Delhi police were guarding him at that time and how come it was so easy for a woman to come closer to Kejriwal. And the party had blamed BJP for the ink attack.

In 2014, a person attacked Kejriwal during the poll campaign at Varanasi when he contested against Prime Minister Narendra Modi fro the same constituency. Kejriwal not only had ink thrown at him, but the people egged his car. So, it was so difficult to defeat a candidate who successfully became the CM of Gujrat state. The attack was stage-managed to get the political mileage only.


Kejriwal Sacks AAP Cabinet Minister Sandeep Kumar For Alleged Sex Scandal

In the light of receiving allegedly “objectionable” evidence against minister of child and welfare and social justice, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sacks Sandeep Kumar with immediate effect.

On Wednesday, a CD was delivered to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s home which had already been leaked earlier in the evening to some TV channels. A nine-minute video on the CD allegedly shows Sandeep Kumar, in what Aam Aadmi Party leaders described as “a compromising position with two women”. It also had 11 photographs.

Earlier this year on International Women’s Day, Sandeep Kumar made news when he claimed he touches his wife’s feet every morning before he begins his day, has created a mockery of his own words.

Main roz subah inke pair choo kar ghar se nikalta hoon (I touch her feet before leaving the house every morning),” he said, bringing the packed auditorium at Delhi’s secretariat down with a thunderous response.

A meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s Flagstaff Road bungalow, after AAP went into a huddle with top AAP leaders in attendance. Soon after which Kejriwal took to Twitter to announce his decision: “Recd “objectionable” CD of minister Sandeep Kr. AAP stands for propriety in public life. That can’t be compromised. Removing him from Cabinet wid immediate effect.”


For what seemed more like damage control rather than prompt action,  Deputy Manish Sisodia, soon gave his piece of mind to the media,”The Delhi CM found an objectionable CD involving Sandeep Kumar. Within half an hour, action was taken. The minister was removed.”

“AAP is a party of ideals. It has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption, scandals… Ministers found taking bribes were removed immediately as soon as it was found. Action will be taken swiftly against any member irrespective of status or position,” he said.

In the 19 months ruling of AAP government in delhi, Sandeep Kumar is the third minister removed by Arvind Kejriwal. He had sacked food minister Asim Ahmed Khan last year for allegedly demanding bribe and law minister Jitender Tomar, who was accused of faking his college degree.

AAP is now being routinely exposed as a party low on scruples that were promised by Kejriwal. His own penchant for alacrity in such matters has been deprived of its novelty and moral underpinnings.

Kejriwal has allegedly proven to accept the moral responsibility for picking up the morally corrupt MLA in the Cabinet.

AAP failed to release the grant for the study of 16 lakh students

Govt school students waiting for the study material and uniforms


The ruling AAP government has exposed in Delhi as it failed to release the grant for the free study material and uniforms to 16 lakh students. As per the information, the students from class 1 to 8th studying in government are still awaiting for the grant to buy study material and uniform.

The students from class 1 to 8th get reimbursement for the study material and uniform. However, the new academic session has started but there is no news from the concerned department regarding the grant to be released.

AAP exposed on education in Delhi

During the second budget session, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia had boasted that the government has raised the budget allocations for education. He had claimed that the quality of education would be improved this time by the ruling government. However, the ruling regime has completely failed to fulfil its words. As per the information, around 16 lakh students studying in Delhi government schools have been waiting for the grant to be released by the government.

A PIL was filed in Delhi High Court by a NGO, AAP insults the judiciary

The application filed by advocate Khagesh Jha on behalf of NGO, Justice for All, has sought directions to DoE to ensure the study material and uniform, both winter and summer are distributed by March 15. The NGO has contended that DoE presently pays Rs 500 — to children of classes 1 to 5 — and Rs 700 to children of classes 6 to 8 in government and MCD schools, towards reimbursement of cost of books and uniform.

However, actual expenditure on uniforms comes to Rs 2500 per child, it added.
The PIL by the NGO has sought grant of free books and uniform to EWS children admitted in private unaided schools.


However, the AAP has not followed the directions of the court and the session has started in schools. How the quality of education would be improved by the ruling AAP if the students would not get the books?


AAP to increase VAT again, befooling the public

kejri 2

More items would be included under VAT ambit

The AAP regime in Delhi is going to loot the public again as the government has been planning to hike VAT third time. Moreover, several other commodities would be put under the ambit of VAT to achieve the set targets by the government.

As per the information, the AAP government had set the target of Rs 24000 crore from VAT collections but when the government had failed to achieve the target, the target was scaled down to Rs 21000 crore. According to the latest information, the government is going to hike the VAT to achieve the targets.

Third time the AAP would increase VAT

The government is also planning to increase VAT on several other items. According to the government officials, it has been decided by the concerned department to put more than five per cent VAT on plastic waste, textile items and readymade garments costing more than Rs2000. The VAT would be increased on wheat, rice flour and on the distribution of motion pictures.


Even the VAT would be increased on UPS from five to 13 per cent. Liquor and tobacco products would be costlier as VAT would be increased by 25 per cent this time. The government has been taking the step to increase the hike to achieve the more targets. Accoding to latest figures, the VAT department has generated only Rs 19000 crore from VAT.

AAP to put other commodities under AAP ambit

An official told the media, “In order to increase our collections, the department had proposed to bring certain items under VAT and also recommended tax hike on other products to generate additional revenue of about Rs 50 crore.”  The government had promised the public of Delhi that there would be no price hike by the government. However, the AAP government broken its promise by levying VAT on Petrol and Diesel twice in a year and this time, it would be the third time when the hypocrite Kejriwal government is going to hike VAT.

AAP would give the shock to people in second budget

The ruling AAP would give shock to the residents of Delhi third time as it has been decided by the government to introduce the increase during the second budget in the assembly.

As per the information, the hike proposal was sent to Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi but the old friend of Kejriwal played a stunt and asked the officials to make it as a part of the budget speech for the financial year 2016-17.

An AAP leader told media, “It is better to introduce new taxes only through the Budget document duly passed by the state legislature.”