AAP still playing cheap stunt to woo Navjot Sidhu


The Aam Aadmi Party has been trying to please the cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and still hoping that one day the former BJP MP would join the party.

Navjot Singh Sidhu lambasted at AAP party leaders and Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday during his press conference while announcing his own platform at Chandigarh. Sidhu said that the AAP Punjab was run by three people and what does AAP has to offer him as he won Lok Sabha elections and resigned from Rajya Sabha MP. So, there was no chance to ask anything from a newborn party AAP. He termed Kejriwal a dictator.

When AAP party leaders heard the Sidhu’s statement they reacted but they played cheap politics to please the former BJP MP. The AAP party in charge of Punjab, Sanjay Singh in an interview said that the deal was not finalised but the party’s doors for Sidhu would remain open always if he would think about to join AAP.

The AAP party has been passing through a tough phase as people are not happy with Arvind Kejriwal. The AAP supremo Kejriwal did not get support from the Punjabis as people protested against him at Ludhiana railway station when he reached Punjab.

Effigies of Kejriwal are burnt in Punjab and that is the major reason of Sanjay Singh who made a statement in favour of Sidhu so that a prominent Punjabi Jatt Sikh face could lead the party in the assembly polls as the party has already sacked the former AAP Punjab convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur.

Earlier, Kejriwal had written on his twitter account that Sidhu wanted to get some time to think but in Chandigarh, he lambasted at AAP supremo and stated that Kejriwal has nothing to offer him.

When the news of speculations of Sidhu’s joining AAP hit the headlines, a wave of happiness was seen in the AAP party cadre. But when the news of Sidhu’s not joining AAP spread in Punjab, the party workers got demoralised. Even the Chhotepur’s removal had also made a jolt to AAP in Punjab.

The AAP has divided into groups because of the resentment with AAP Delhi leaders so now Sanjay Singh played a political stunt to please Sidhu as people want a Jatt Sikh face in AAP.