Ever So Diligent In Raking Up Drama, Arvind Kejriwal Confuses Noise With Actions!

Arvind Kejriwal, the L’Enfant terrible of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has a thing for skirmishes. He loves to start a fight, but scoot to safety the moment his opponent challenges him to come into the ring. Recently, Twitteratti had a field day when the Delhi Chief Minister locked horns with Punjab heavyweight Amarinder Singh, the state Congress head.

A day after Kejriwal launched his party’s election trade manifesto in Punjab, Twitter exploded with a bitter verbal duel between the AAP leader and Singh. While both the politicos hurled insults at each other, Amarinder Singh challenged the Delhi CM for an open debate. Kejriwal’s AAP has been leaving no stone unturned to familiarize Punjab’s masses with the party. They have taken on sensitive issues like drug abuse in Punjab, and hope to turn it against the leading government run by BJP-backed Akali Dal.

But when cornered into getting onto a duel to debate about the issues of Punjab, the AAP chief chickened out, and how! Not someone who likes being told what to do, Kejriwal picked up the tactic that people with lack of courage usually do: offense being the best defense. He said the usual mumbo-jumbo of being ready for a duel, but, ONLY with Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi, Congress brass, and Singh’s party superiors.

Like, really? So Kejriwal thinks he is a national leader, and it’s beneath his stature to involve in a debate with a regional political leader like Amarinder Singh? So much for flaunting himself to be an “aam aadmi’s” leader. Why these double standards, Mr CM? No problems whatsoever in dreaming big, but why this conceited superiority complex?

Assembly polls in Punjab are just few months away, and AAP has announced that it will win majority. May be it will. But then Amarinder might be in the Opposition. Would Arvind Kejriwal then shake his head like a spoilt brat, refusing to speak to Singh? I don’t think so!

Kejriwal can’t be forever acting like a passive bully, only showing an uncanny bravado in taking on political heavyweights on the digital space. Kejriwal has been crying hoarse in a bid to gain some reaction from Modi. An attention-seeker, he has been saying the nastiest things about Prime Minister Narendra Modi for quite some time now. It’s another thing that the PM has refused to acknowledge any of his childish foul accusations.

And now, by refusing to talk to Amarinder Singh, Kejriwal has proved how much in awe he is of PM Modi.  The Delhi CM might not admit it, but Narendra Modi is his alter ego. The PM is everything that Kejriwal is not, and in denying to talk to a “smaller leader”, Kejriwal has emulated Modi.

Rumors, Disagreements And More, The Aap Shakes Yet Again With The Release Of 3rd Candidate List

Gearing up for the battle for Punjab next year, the aam admi party overcomes an another requisite of the battle by releasing the third list of candidates on last Friday. With distribution of 29 tickets, the list included some turncoats, professional, first timers and young gun. However, not learned enough from it’s past mistakes aap doesn’t fail to disappoint many in the wake this announcement.

The party yet again party witness a rebellion by volunteers, with more than 200 volunteers metting at Adampur raising their voice against the candidature of Hans Raj Rana. In the spirit of expressing their disagreement, a 11 member committee was formed by, Dr Ravi Kumar, former excise and taxation officer SS Dhure and retired principal Harnek Singh, to talk to the party high command to replace Rana as a candidate.

“Rana is an outsider and is having no local links. He has been preferred over the volunteers, who had been working relentlessly for the past two years. It’s very unfortunate,” an aspirant told HT.

With bringing light to Rana’s prior involvement with bjp in 2012 assembly polls, members of the party raised question on his credibility. While another ticket given to Amarjit Thind, a 34 year old doctor in Shahkot also didn’t bode well with the party members as well. Senior leader  Col CD Kamboj (retd), who had left the Congress last year to join the AAP. Sources close to Kamboj said he was miffed with the selection of the candidate and has conveyed his resentment to the party high command. Sources said Kamboj, who was last week announced as vice-president of the AAP, has been promised suitable post in case the party comes to power in Punjab.

“But he has categorically told the party high-ups that his first desire was to serve the people by getting elected as an MLA. He is likely to take a few more days to take the final call,” said a leader close to Kamboj. Kamboj refused to comment on the issue.

Insipite of AAP MP Bhagwant Mann supporting the bandwagon disappointed tickets aspirants and leveling with the, there still exist party members who didn’t deter from their stand of bearing the brunt of injustice. party ticket aspirant Satpal Singla accused AAP candidate Nazar Singh Manshahia. Singla, a founding member of the party, of indulging in financial irregularities when he served in the Punjab Pollution Control Board and reasoned this behind his premature retirement from the department. Manshahiya denied the allegations saying Singla was telling lies.

From being a front face of creating an illusion of trust, faith, equity and formost unity, AAP has time and again fallen short on keeping their mission intact whether it’s within the party or outside. And now with a bag full non-impressed members, Seems like all AAP is heading in this poll, for a battle amongst themselves more than the opposition itself.

AAP Aspirants Pays Off Sexually Exploited Help To Save AAP Observer

Two days after AAP MLA Devender Sehrawat alleged that some AAP leaders in Punjab were sexually exploiting women in return for tickets to fight Assembly polls, a group of party volunteers from Barnala have alleged that a party Observer, Vijay Chauhan, “sexually exploited” his domestic help and “hushed up the matter by paying her Rs 1 lakh.”

AAP Barnala youth circle wing president Ravinder Singh Dhillon, its grievances committee in-charge Ishar Singh Fauji and volunteer Makhan Singh Namol released an audio clip Tuesday in which a ticket aspirant from Dhuri, Rajwant Singh Ghulli, was purportedly trying to convince a woman not to press rape charges against party Observer Vijay Chauhan.

In the clip, a woman’s voice was heard alleging that her “honour was compromised” and a male voice (allegedly Ghulli) was telling her “not to spoil his chances.” The volunteers alleged that the woman was later “paid off and sent to Amritsar.”

Ravinder Singh Dhillon told mediapersons that the woman was “sexually exploited” by Chauhan. He claimed the audio clip had been sent to senior party leaders but no action was taken. “She (the victim) is now in Amritsar… We don’t know her exact whereabouts. The conversation in the clip was recorded when she was talking to Ghulli over the phone when the incident came to light in June. She had given us the audio clip then. We have been seeking justice for her since then but no avail.”

However, Sanjay Singh has completely denied the claims saying, this was the first time he was hearing about the alleged incident. He refused to comment further on the matter, saying he was yet to hear the contents of the said audio tape. He added that strict action would be taken if the allegations were true.

On the other hand, Ghulli admitted that it was his voice in the tape but claimed that the woman and her husband were playing into the hands of certain elements who had “vested interests.”

A day after Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) Punjab observer Vijay Chauhan was accused of sexually exploiting his domestic help, Punjab Irrigation Minister and senior Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Sharanjit Singh Dhillon on Wednesday alleged that AAP people are not ordinary, and you will come to know gradually that they have links with such an agency, which is working to disintegrate the country, while demanding immediate investigation into the matter.

“AAP is involved in many scandals, every morning people in Punjab wake up to new scandal indulging AAP. Aam Aadmi Party people are not ordinary people. Gradually, you will find their links with an agency, which is working to disintegrate the country. That is why the AAP members make videos of Lok Sabha and try to leak secret information,” he added.

AAP poses a bigger threat than Congress

“People of Punjab are well aware of Congress’ dubious contentions against the state and Sikh community in particular. But in a hurry to make huge electoral gain, the rookie party AAP seems to be posing a bigger threat to the state.”


Punjab has always been a peaceful & progressive state and hardworking people of state have always toiled hard working towards progress of state. But, from the beginning of 80s, unrest was slowly creeping in the state shattering the social fabric. Congress had always milked the situation for its bigger political gains.

In current context, when peace & sovereignty has restored in state and Punjab is all set to usher a big leap into a progressive world, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is posing even threat by trying to disrupt peace for electoral gains.

AAP’s Khalistani nexus


AAP can stoop low to any extent for its own vested interests. It doesn’t even shy away from siding with anti national elements for its electoral gains. Sikh extremist group had been vanished from state towards the end of 80s but now slowly some of the splinter groups are reviving. AAP is now siding with many Sikh hardliners and it is no news that many Sikh radicals are either joining AAP or are endorsing the party ideology.

Sikh preacher and hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal had extended his full support to AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and wished to honor him publicly. Later SAD (A) chief Simranjit Singh Mann who is known for his pro Khalistani ideology, made it clear to contents assembly polls in Punjab jointly with AAP.

AAP may attempt to disrupt peace in state for its own political interests but peace-loving Punjabis will not let any outsider to disrupt peace & harmony of the state.

Leaving Khatakar Kalan, AAP campaigns at ‘Deras’ of Punjab

“AAP always talked about bringing out a ‘revolution’ and associated their style of politics with Bhagat Singh’s ideology. But, leaving Khatakar Kalan, AAP has been regularly camping at ‘deras’ to gain on vote bank politics.”


The foundation of the AAP’s brand of politics was rooted in the ideology of Bhagat Singh, or that is what the party tried hard to project. No wonder much of AAP’s politics and campaigns were centered on Khatkar Kalan (Bhagat Singh’s ancestral village) for the past many years. But, ironically this year on ‘Martyr’s Day’ (March 23, when Bhagat Singh was hanged to death in 1931), none of the AAP leaders paid a visit to Khatakar Kalan.

Succumbing to Dera Politics

AAP has been nurturing the dream of winning Punjab polls since general elections in 2014. Now, ahead of polls they are leaving no stone unturned to make an impression. With lack of political base or leadership in state, AAP has realized that they won’t be able to any headway in state. In this scenario, they are now trying to milk the huge vote bank of various ‘deras’ of Punjab.

It must be noted here that last visit of AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal’s last dinner was centered around various ‘deras’ of Punjab.

Much hyped campaign launch at Khatkar Kalan

On March 23, 2015, AAP launched it over hyped, ‘Punjab against Corruption’ campaign. The campaign was launched by national executive member Naveen Jaihind at Khatkar Kalan, followed by a rally in Jalandhar. The rally proved only eyewash, which failed to make any noise. AAP seem to have appropriated the ideology of Bhagat Singh for their own vested interests but failed to make a mark.

While Kejriwal completely skipped Khatkar Kalan on his recent two visits to the state, on top of that, his visits to the ‘deras’ sent signals of the AAP’s tilt to ‘dera’ and caste-based politics.

Kejriwal played political stunt by using Bhagat Singh’s name


He says AAP govt working towards fulfilling the dream of Martyr

Everything is face in politics for the Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal as he always en cash the situations for political gains.

On the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, the AAP supremo unveiled the busts of freedom fighters in the premises of Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Even he claimed that his government has been working towards fulfilling Bhagat Singh’s dream of freedom.

Mr Keriwal, Britons left India in 1947

Bhagat Singh had fought for country’s freedom and he sacrificed his life for the nation. In 1947, the country attained independence and in 1950, the constitution of India came into effect. He talked non sense by using the great martyr’s name and played cheap publicity stunt.

The speech of Kejriwal seemed to have been made with an eye on the poll-bound state of Punjab. He has made the statement to please the people of Punjab as he is preparing for the assembly elections of Punjab next year.

A part of the speech by foolish Kejriwal mentioned the imperialism word. India attained freedom in 1947. He said in his speech, “Bhagat Singhji had said that freedom will not come only from driving the British out of the country, it will come when imperialism, poverty comes to an end and farmers and laborers live happily.”

Kejriwal only discussed Punjab in his speech

 He said that the AAP government in Delhi was trying to turn Singh’s dream into reality. He also pointed out that families of farmers committing suicide in Punjab had got no relief. “When crops of farmers are destroyed, the Delhi government does not sit with its head in its hands. The Delhi chief minister goes on visits from one village to another. And when crops were destroyed last year, the Delhi government paid the highest ever compensation of Rs 20,000 per acre. Farmers work tirelessly to grow their crops so we can feed ourselves. When farmers face difficulties, it is the government’s duty to help them out. That is what Bhagat Singhji was martyred for,” he said.

Kejriwal mislead the people in his speech

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Kejriwal misled the people in his speech. He boasted of his promises which were not delivered by AAP. Majority of his speech was based on Punjab and he was talking about Punjab issues only. He said his government did a lot for farmers but reality speaks something different as AAP government has not issued the compensation amounts to the farmers for their crop damage. He tried to dupe the people by making wrong statement.




Fissures between AAP deepens further

“Fissures in the faction led Aam Aadmi Party has deepened further with suspended AAP MP from Fatehgarh Sahib, Harinder Singh Khalsa raising serious questions over leadership abilities of Arvind Kejriwal.”


 Aam Aadmi Party since beginning has been in news for all the wrong reasons. While on one hand the party is claiming to secure at least 100 seats in the upcoming Punjab polls, on the other side, internal feud & factionalism has marred the functioning of state unit. With lack of orientation and leadership posing serious question on future of party, all state leaders want to be the future CM.

Voice of Dissent with the Party

After Patiala MP, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, other suspended MP Harinder Singh Khalsa has come out in public to express his anguish over functioning of party high command. It must be noted that the two MPs in question were suspended for accusing central leadership of enforcing excessive control over state affairs.

After Dr. Gandhi, Khalsa had gone on record to criticize AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal. Describing Kejriwal as no leader in Punjab, Khalsa said, “Let him roam around from one place to another in Punjab, but he will not get any votes”

Digging his own grave

Kejriwal is digging his own grave by dictatorship style of functioning. One after another, party leaders are rising up in arms against him. The autocratic style functioning of the party can be understood by the fact that the party’s MPs were not even allowed to appoint their staff members.

 Factionalism and internal feud within the party never refuses to die down and there is no end to conflicting issues. The key differentiators like the concepts of ‘swaraj’, honesty, transparency etc., as included in the party’s charter were gradually lost in the race to power.

Khaira, AAP spokesperson – A ‘Headline Hunter’ with tyrannical style

“In sync with its image, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appointed fiery Sukhpal Khaira as party spokesperson for Punjab unit, who has a reputation of firing baseless salvos at opposition parties to grab headlines.”


Sukhpal Khaira is a headline hunter, who has a tendency to divulge himself into ridiculous levels of despotism. He has always indulges in mud slinging with an intension to defame other and get some cheap publicity but in that process, he ends up getting his own linen dirty.

An ideal find by AAP

It must be noted that Aam Aadmi Party has always indulged in blame-game and goes to any extent to grab eyeballs. In this context, they have found the ideal candidate in Khaira for Punjab unit.

Known for abrasive style of functioning, Khaira faced worst political crisis when he was forced to quit Congress and joined AAP, which has off late become a junkyard of disgruntled political leaders from across political parties. All the rebel political leaders and those failed to find a position in the parent political party find refuge in AAP. Interestingly AAP, which is a platform for all dissenters, they get prominent position after joining the party. Testimony to the point, is the fact that Sukhpal Khaira was appointed spokesperson of the Punjab unity of the party.

Publicity lover


His love for publicity is well-known fact. Indulging in all sorts of means, he has managed to create his own fan following on social media. From uploading pictures to making videos, he does everything that ensures the he is always in the news.

Factionalism led Aam Aadmi Party, which has been battling a credibility and leadership crisis in the state; Khaira’s induction will further deepen the fissures in state unit of the party.

AAP’s pro-farmer agenda, a political farce

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) covener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is a self-proclaimed messiah of poor & downtrodden people. But in reality, all his moves are politically motivated to gather votes. His latest political stunt involves around farmers of Punjab!”


 In a move to score political brownie points, AAP supremo has sent his leaders to examine the rain affected in Punjab. it must be noted here that untimely rain had severely affected crops like wheat in Punjab but two crucial questions arise here – first, are those leaders agricultural experts? Second, leaving Delhi what are these leaders trying to prove in the jurisdiction of Punjab?

Political move to gather votes

Ahead of assembly polls in Punjab, AAP is leaving no stone unturned create some noise in state where it doesn’t have any political base or organisation structure. Failing to make any headway in state, AAP is resorting to cheap antics to garner sympathy of Punjab voters. Punjab being an agricultural dominated economy, farming community plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of elections.


AAP couldn’t have missed out on such huge opportunity in the run-up to assembly polls and from Kejriwal’s much hyped visit to the families of farmers who had committed suicide to latest move sending AAP leaders from Delhi to examine rain affected crops, Aam Aadmi Party is going al out to woo crucial farming community in Punjab.

Kejriwal’s false agenda exposed


Kejriwal might have visited the families of farmers who had committed suicide in state to garner sympathy but perhaps he has forgotten that that the memories of farmer Ganjendra Singh’s suicide during a AAP rally is still fresh in people’s minds.

Even as the poor farmer ended his life by hanging himself to a tree, Delhi CM continued making his public speech on the dais whilst posing for TV cameras. This incident had exposed his utter disregard for the loss of a human life and insensitivity to the suffering of others. Now, he is trying to reopen the wounds in Punjab for gaining political mileage.

AAP Khalistani nexus exposed

“From Sabat Khalsa ‘Jathedar’ Baljit Singh Daduwal to Simranjit Singh Mann who leads SAD (A) and who is also known for his pro Khalistani ideology, various Khalistani extremist from across the globe are supporting are joining Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and are joining the party.”


Sikh preacher and hardliner Baljit Singh Daduwal had come out in full Public support of AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and wished to honor him publicly. His wish might not have fulfilled in wake of his arrest in sedition charges but there is no dearth of support to AAP from the ranks of extremist background.

Latest to join the bandwagon is SAD (A) chief Simranjit Singh Mann who is known for his pro Khalistani ideology and has always been in vociferous in raising the demand of separate state. Mann made a statement at a village Khusropur with journalists that his party would join hands with AAP in 2017 assembly polls.

 Sarbat Khalsa

At the recent ‘Sarbat Khalsa’ movement held on 10 November 2015, resolutions were passed that included the demand for a separate Sikh nation. What is believed to be a religious congregation, Sarbat Khalsa turned out to be Khalistani stage later and all the prominent AAP leaders including Kejriwal were witnessed endorsing the views.

It is pertinent that Punjab police had arrested Simranjit Singh Mann along with three other radical Sikh leaders – Harbir Singh, Mohkam Singh and Gurdeep Singh post Sarbat Khalsa movement. And, now majority of the Sikh hardliners have joined AAP and rest of them are supporting party ideology.

Radical Support

What began as supporting Khalistani ideologue has turned into a dangerous contour with many Sikh hardliners joining the party and AAP getting huge funding from Sikh separatists from across the globe.

Controversial Aam Aadmi Party is leaving no stone unturned to make its mark in forthcoming assembly polls in Punjab and it not even shying away from garnering support of Sikh hardliners. But peace-loving Punjabis will not let any outsider to disrupt peace & harmony of the state and AAP will have to pay a price for their misdeeds.